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6/22/2013 c60 2skrowley
Aw, it's over. :( And then James and Lily die and I bawl my eyes out. D': GREAT story though, happy writing! :D
6/22/2013 c60 44TheShortOne1993
Except, except that they never do get to tell Remus...oh gods. Oh gods. Oh Gods. I guessed it was Halloween actually. Yay me :(
I don't know how to express exactly how I feel but just know that this is a beautifully writer JILY. Easily one of mine and I'm sure of others too, favourites.
Definitely will be waiting to read other things that you post!
6/22/2013 c59 2skrowley
Great job! I loved the proposal and the fighting scenes were amazing! :) I loop pice your writing style! :) happy writing! :D
6/22/2013 c59 Potterbert
One last chapter!
6/22/2013 c59 44TheShortOne1993
Hmm wandlore...exciting stuff! Sirius' reaction was so natural it makes my heart ache to think what will be happening to their world soon :( Is Peter happy for them? Or is his envy getting ahead of him?
How many more chappies left?
6/22/2013 c59 4GinnyEvans4
This is sooo good. cant wait for more
6/21/2013 c58 5EpicThunder101
Omg love this please update soon!
6/20/2013 c58 1missy1234567890
HOLY GUACAMOLE! BEST PROPOSAL EVER! Wow these last three chapters have killed me so intense, and to end it all with, yay pOtter love! oh deary I hope that doesnt mean te end of the story is coming soon?! :( or are you planning on going until the very part where voledmort kills(
6/20/2013 c58 Dolodi
Wow. Loved the detail and how everything played out! Can't wait for the next chapter. Ooh, that might include Moody's wrath though..
6/20/2013 c58 3RumbleRoar811
6/20/2013 c58 3Tori Luna Lily Tonks
That has to be the best proposal I've read! xD
6/20/2013 c58 9Realityorfiction
Brilliant chapter! Brilliant brilliant brilliant!
6/20/2013 c57 44TheShortOne1993
A bit of déjà vu for Sirius and lily there, holding hands and all. Love the ongoing teasing of prongs the deer :p
And thank you professor dumbledore for explaining the life debt, I was in dire nees of an explanation! I heard in an interview somewhere that whenever Rowling wanted to move the plot line forward she would either get Hermione to claim that she had read a particular bit of infor in a book somewhere or she would get dumbledore to just know. Apparently those were the only two characters of whom it was believable for the readers to expect them to just simply know these often seemingly useless facts! So yeh...sorry, rambled on a bit.
Kudos to you as usual for giving us another delicious chapter.
6/20/2013 c57 22LoneStorm
I never have, through all of my following, posted a review, which is stupid of me. I just want to say that I looooovvvee this story and I look forward to when you post every day. It's amazing how you keep up with that. Thank you for all the enjoyment that is this story!
6/20/2013 c57 2Demigodling Marauder
oooh suspense...
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