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8/6/2020 c60 Waitingeagerly
Hello, I've read you're other stories and decided to give the one a go. I absolutely loved this story, and for me it is now fact in the wizarding world. I just wanted to this chapter made me cry, considering that James says that he'll see Lilly in a minute after locking up and then... Well you know what. It absolutely breaks my heart. Great story!
7/3/2020 c60 Iniga
What I like most about this fic is the dynamic between Sirius and James/Lily. He has a relationship with Lily that’s simultaneously part of their respective relationships with James and independent of their respective relationships with James. Meanwhile, while Sirius is unquestionably James’ best friend, the other two Marauders are also their “brothers” in word and deed. I expect that that was the dynamic implied by canon, but it’s very unusual to see it in fanfiction. I also especially liked the sequence at the Evans house with Vernon. It felt incredibly on point. Thanks for sharing!
6/30/2020 c60 madformoony
im just really happy you ended it where you did. though if you wanted to, you could have killed james and lily and left it at that, just for angst purposes. i hate to think of padfoot and moony, wanting to come round for lunch the next day. but lovely story, well done
4/9/2020 c60 Kali0320
I loved this fanficcc!
3/3/2020 c60 2cuteasduck
OMG OMG OMG OMG I cannot believe it that you finished it there this is perfect
2/13/2020 c11 Guest
Why do you make James into such a goody two shoes. I get Lily's supposed to thing he's different and all but I way prefer Remus to him and I bet Remus would be a better person when it comes to girls. Beside Remus is a Werewolf. He can't go about shirtless without Lily noticing. Otherwise it's good.
1/2/2020 c60 irusita
great story! thank you!
12/20/2019 c60 aezsem
11/13/2019 c60 12Rebel Goddess
Well this was a total delight and a pleasure to read. I particularly liked the way you developed each of the boys' personalities separately. It was also very, very funny. Now I'm off to find more of your stuff to read.
6/22/2019 c60 Guest
Thank you so much for this amazing story! Kept me
busy for a long time, including many late nights! You portrayed the characters so well. This is the first story I think I’ve read that has properly done so— especially with Peter’s character. Well done! I hope you continue writing
5/10/2019 c60 Guest
pls make an epilogue
3/14/2019 c60 1Pandora-Dono
Why would you do this?
Why would you end it here?
I was having fun

All jokes aside i love your writing and this universe in particulary, please never stop
12/15/2018 c60 44AshenMoon42
This is a great story! I love the characters and the Marauders' banter. Everything works really well and your writing style flows nicely. There are no grammar or spelling mistakes that I can remember, either.
Perhaps you could have done more on how James coped with the deaths of his parents? And Sirius' past of abuse?
Brilliant story!
12/9/2018 c60 Guest
Hey, just wanted to say I LOVE YOUR STORY. ITS THE BEST FANFIC I'VE READ IN A WHILE AND IT WOULD BE LITERALLY A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE IF YOU CONSIDERED UPDATING IT. I love the marauder so much. I'm ready for the heartbreak when Voldemort kills lily and james :(
7/5/2018 c1 Guest
I read this for the first time four or five years ago and it is still my favorite fan fiction I have ever read!
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