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for Mass Effect: Testament of the Last American Soldier

5/6/2016 c22 AbyssusEdax
I'm not sure if anybody else has said this, and I'm not even sure if I'm right (I played ME2 like two years ago) but isn't the Black Widow the sniper he finds in the pile?
4/30/2016 c34 Blaze1992
Well ay so far this fic has been interesting to read, even though you seem hell-bent on f**king over your OC's life. Not to mention having your OC have sex with Jack then turn her away from him, then had Miranda come on to him and again you had your OC turn another woman away. Also how you had femshep attracted to him but then out of the blue you had her shagging Jacob. What the hell!? All in all this fic is both confusing and interesting to read but I am disappointed that you haven't updated for a year. So sorry to say this gets a alright 6 out of 10. Please update.
4/29/2016 c5 Blaze1992
So basically the people who put him Cryo killed his friends and raped his female friends. Not mention this was back then so he cannot even get revenge. That's F**KED Up!
4/29/2016 c1 Blaze1992
Hmm this looks like it's gonna be good but I am confused on one thing. Is this fic a SI insert or is it a OC insert?
3/5/2016 c34 3BrotherCaptainSheperd
Dang it man your toyin wid me... De poor poor Marine's heart
10/10/2015 c32 tamagat
READING THIS IS TORTURE! and im still reading it! damn NTR and shit!
10/7/2015 c23 trninjakiller
Actually the 14th has nothing to do with obamacare. The exact opposite actually. The fourteenth amendment is to limit STATE powers.
10/7/2015 c22 trninjakiller
Actually. The second amendment states that a WELL REGULATED militia (meaning a militia run with oversight) essential to the security of a free state. And it says nothing about fully automatic assault weapons. All guns should be required to be insured just like your car. There should be no wepons that have more than a 10 round mag. No rifle should be larger than a .30-06. You don't need a fucking ASSAULT rifle for protection or hunting. A simple handgun or .22 rifle would do just fine. Assault rifles are only good for one thing ASSAULTING! I don't hear anything about these so called protection rifles. We have more gun related violence then any other western country. Australia for example. After they had a massacre sometime in the 80's (I think) they completely banned guns in their country. The only guns you can have are for hunting in the outback. They have the lowest gun related crime rate in the world.

That is just my opinion.

P.s sorry for shitty spelling and/or grammar. I typed this on my phone. :P
10/7/2015 c3 trninjakiller
Yeah... except a halo mac would trump a mass effect mac anyday. Mass effect dreadnought macs are something like 20g.
An AVERAGE halo mac is 600 tonnes.
9/23/2015 c34 Chronic-Insomnia
Damn. I've never seen a story start out so awesome and then crash and burn so hard. The snarky, badass character we love because he's snarky and badass has those traits mostly removed when his personality is neutered at the halfway mark of the story and is then turned into a slave that not only dances to the tune of his enemies, but the 'love interest' as well?

The romance has been pretty disappointing from the start. There's no more chemistry between him and Shepard than there is with, say, Jack. Despite them being thrust together via programming, it's doubtful Shepard could ever realistically look past pitying Blade. Shepard started out clueless, always jumping to the wrong conclusions, but then ends up manipulating Blade for her own gain once she finds out about the programming-and then never fixes what she's already screwed up.

The point being, what is there left to root for? The reapers seem to be more of a side plot. The romance is treated as a complete joke by the entire crew except Blade, who appears to be playing the part of a kicked puppy. Even if he somehow manages to take the illusive man out in a blaze of glory or survives the cell degeneration due to some elixir of life ex machina, it'd still leave a bitter taste in the face of all the betrayal he's suffered-no small amount coming from Shepard herself, who likely justifies her mental commands as for the greater good.
9/17/2015 c33 Drunkle Qrow
I wish this was updated made me smile
6/2/2015 c17 FinalGuardian
This sample is pretty good, love to give the full thing a read if you ever post it.
4/21/2015 c34 Drunkle Qrow
Dude...what the fuck? THIS STORY IS FULL OF CRACK! I LOVE IT! Keep going, waiting to see how you make this turn out, wondering how Blade is gonna die to be honest...can't wait.
3/25/2015 c34 trustme3190920
You know you can give him AIDS to try and stop his immune system from fighting the nanites
One of the references you used was from Section 8.
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