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for Mass Effect: Testament of the Last American Soldier

3/1/2015 c34 Guest
So Roland has a case of nanosuit syndrome where his body will become more reliant on his armor, also I was getting a mgs4 vibe when chakwas was telling him
2/28/2015 c34 DangerousQuokka
You finally come back (awesome to see you back by the way) and then you drop this gigantic bomb on us that Roland is GOING TO DIE?!
Going by the dark themes of this story I'm really worried that you're actually going to go through with this idea.
Anyways, welcome back, I've really missed your sense of humour, and your sound effects, can;t forget the sound effects.
2/8/2015 c33 4McDouggal
So. Um. Fuck. Just reread and noticed that they never found Rachel's body - her grave is empty. And the report on her said "rape, followed by faked suicide." Something's very fishy.

Yeah, there's a rotting northern pike on the shore near the cabin, but it's not that.

Anyways, come back dude. We miss you.
1/14/2015 c7 conan.lagace
Thanks to this one chapter, I am now going to end up picturing my dick talking in a Sean Connery accent whenever something sexual comes up, so both thank you, and fuck you, very much.
1/9/2015 c28 Guest
11/29/2014 c1 Guest
11/18/2014 c8 2Wombatman99
nice Exterminatus reference.
11/16/2014 c28 donald7777
Once again another great chapter, I am looking forward to the others you have written.
10/17/2014 c33 2MaHaL1337
Nice, back next time when they do something related to the Crucible will Blade voice his thoughts on it being a sentient ancient alien space dildo to the rest of the crew? Looking forward to whatever story you decide to update next. Also just a suggestion, try writing something for Black Lagoon, half the time I feel like the shit that happens in it is something you would come up with for one of your stories, not sure if you're copying Rei Hiroe or if he's copying you but either way the shenanigans could be amazing. Good luck with whatever.
10/9/2014 c33 2darkerego
Good chapter.
10/7/2014 c33 15weasel AKA boundedsumo
there's something to be said about a writer if he can reference this much stuff in a single chapter
10/7/2014 c33 yahiro365
Oh snap! Blade is back in action kicking ass and impressing all the people ever to have been important in the ME series! Great chapter man! Looking forward to the next one!
10/7/2014 c33 1Dairegh
Heh. The crucible does kinda look like a great big vibrator. The big round head says bin, not dildo. :p
9/16/2014 c1 1Tobythegoodguy
9/15/2014 c32 Wer6
Great job on this chapter, and the whole story, keep it up!
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