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for Mass Effect: Testament of the Last American Soldier

9/30/2019 c10 Sovereign
I love the Alien franchise.
9/18/2019 c4 10Blackberry Avar
I like that quote on gun control.
9/4/2019 c1 2Kane77
I knew I knew that writing style, man what is up with your stories and having NTR themes...
8/30/2019 c39 Shanarchy
So if I was a betting man, and I am. I'd wager that at the end of Me3 in the crucible Shepard is alone after going up the laser thingy and while conversing with Anderson and TIM, Roland will just spontaneously appear and do something badass and complete his promise. Anyway, this story is brilliant, keep it up.
8/25/2019 c39 4McDouggal
Oh hey, you're back!

Good chapter. Roland still having issues with his past, but seems to be moving past at least some of them.

I need to find time to reread the whole fic, it's been a while.
8/25/2019 c39 WHITEHAWK2813
Short but awesome chapter been waiting forever for an update and by Odin's scraggly beard keep them coming whatever it takes.
8/22/2019 c6 zmanjz
Not a sociopath. Actually Disassociative disorder.

Sociopath is incapable of actual empathy. To the contrary, blade extremely empathetic, but able to disable normal psychological processes (both a problem and a tool depending on circumstances. For example, a sociopath would not have treated jacob so well, or thanked him so profusely but rather would have acted as if it were expected. Or generally displayed a higher level of indirect sadism than mere schatenfreud.

Disassociative disorder/enhancement in blade Comperable to most dangerous/effective asymetric warfare soldiers. Treatable, but requires soldier to accept that he is both a human with human needs, and able to become a killing machine under certain circumstances.

John rambo is actually an excellent example of an individual with disassociative disorder/training.

(In Rambo's case despite the efforts of Col. Trautman to help when he could, Rambo did not recover until the end of Rambo 4 when he finally accepted both sides could coexist with the man being in control of the killing machine.)
8/22/2019 c3 zmanjz
21 foot rule?

Recalls episode of Justified where Danny Crowe cites that rule then pulls knife on US Marshal Givens and charges at him, plants a foot into a hole, and falls impaling his heart with his own knife...

8/21/2019 c39 17general-joseph-dickson
Nice chapter
8/19/2019 c39 reaperofsanity
I've been looking forward to another update to this story. keep up the great work
8/17/2019 c36 dantezess
oh boy the MC is the rebound and thats not going to end well hell if i was him i would feel worse than i ever had before even if i did love the woman
8/17/2019 c34 dantezess
I put up with the VI in his mind, got blind sided by the NTR but now your planning to kill the MC...permanently. honestly this has simultaneously been one of the best and most depressing fics ive read because while it was bad ass and funny that cant ever make up for how much you fucked your MCs life up like he's more than likely not even going to get to die happy after all this shit SMH
8/17/2019 c32 dantezess
this story does well to play on fear dont it. the thought of not only cerberus controlling him but also of shepard invading essentially his soul and scouring it is utterly terrifying. on a more spiteful sadistic note I look forward to jacob cheating on shepard with miss no name bitch and having a kid (laughs in pure unadulterated evil)
8/17/2019 c27 dantezess
NTR-lite...oh...well uhhh that cut me deep you're hitting all the right places to make me uncomfortable I'll give you that lol. on another note JACOBxSHEPARD really? one of the most generic motherfuckers in the trilogy 2nd only to mr roid rage himself in ME3 whos name I've totally forgotten at this point. ugh
8/17/2019 c24 dantezess
Really, the evil VI route? at least have it be Cerberus or the Reapers god this is just...*sigh* If it was either or those two factions actively fucking with him i could at least be angry for him and cheering for their destruction but when you make the enemy invulnerable or make their destruction crippling/nerfing or fatal towards the MC ONTOP of giving them an obnoxious personality it really kills the mood. ah well *shrug* i'll finish the current chapters and see if it recovers if not eh all I've lost is a bit of time
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