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for Mass Effect: Testament of the Last American Soldier

8/17/2019 c24 dantezess
Really, the evil VI route? at least have it be Cerberus or the Reapers god this is just...*sigh* If it was either or those two factions actively fucking with him i could at least be angry for him and cheering for their destruction but when you make the enemy invulnerable or make their destruction crippling/nerfing or fatal towards the MC ONTOP of giving them an obnoxious personality it really kills the mood. ah well *shrug* i'll finish the current chapters and see if it recovers if not eh all I've lost is a bit of time
8/17/2019 c22 dantezess
So many theorys on whats going on with the MC and his dead girlfriend but my main ones are indoctrination or cerberus fucking with his mind and i'm leaning towards indoctrination which isnt making me feel good since that particular illness is uncurable as far as canon goes
8/17/2019 c19 dantezess
Wow you really made the "no snark" command permanent that's...harsh you took a defining trait of your MC and smashed it into a million pieces and the worst part is I'm not even sure if you have even wrote the chapter where shepard finds out what shes done yet
8/17/2019 c13 dantezess
Eh the whole mind control situation is uncomfortable as fuck I just hope that he can still crack jokes later and its not permanent because his snark is basically what defines the MC at this point
8/17/2019 c3 dantezess
this has gone from interesting to obnoxious in 3 chapters considering how everytime something happens she doesnt like the MC ends up with a gun to his head or generally pointed at him
8/16/2019 c4 orco-n7
Todo un centro comercial lleno de muertos porque cualquiera puede conseguir un rifre semiautomatico.
La cantidad muertes en Tu país superior a cualquier país desarrollado acercandolo algunos con comfritos internos creo es preocupante la facilidad de adquirir un arma . Me gusta tu historia
8/13/2019 c1 Velzon
Just found this story it has promise I am not sure what the rest of the story will be like but you kept my attention through the first chapter.

Introduces the main character well has some mystery going as to what actually happened and from the blurb or story preview before I clicked on it sounds interesting.

Going to head to the next chapter now.
8/13/2019 c39 Wolfshark
Was that a tip of the hat to Rutger Hauer I saw? Also, good to see an update from you, ya beautiful bastard!
8/1/2019 c38 Guest
Please update I love this
5/26/2019 c6 3LightTrain
The air Force do paratroopers, not the Marines, so did he skip around the branches?
4/27/2019 c38 Heartfire12
Super Histoire
Vivement la suite
3/30/2019 c7 8TheJSmooth
Favorite chapter by far. Lol
3/15/2019 c3 Guest
Honestly I really like your story, except for your portrayal of Shepherd. She's most all of the bad ME cliches - inexplicably commanding, MC instantly respects her and follows her orders and shit despite having done nothing to earn it. Cocky as all fucking hell on steroids, once again despite not having earned the right to be as arrogant as she is. And plot armored to high hell in social situations.
Going up to a fully armored heavily armed badass Marine that you don't know very well, and jamming a gun into his side and threatening him? Threat assessment: completely nonlethal target so the first effective move of the fight goes to him whether or not she pulls the trigger first, and she puts herself in that close of range - he instantly wraps an arm around her neck and snaps it. And she somehow thinks she's dominating that conversation/scenario and forcing him to do things? I agree with how he was thinking - he was humoring her - but she was dead serious for some reason. And low-and-behold, her plot armor made everything go her way.
Soldier with high likely-hood of PTSD that he is, she'd be on the ground like Miranda the second that she drew and pointed her pistol at him. And yet I can tell already that MC will just magically not be aggressive to her no matter how much she deserves a good ass-beating.
Final cliche of Shepherd's that seals it - her stare somehow makes him shudder at first meeting as if she's some cold blooded badass killer that can make other cold blooded badass killers shiver in fear. Right.

Honestly good story so far though - just kill Shepherd /3
1/16/2019 c34 imortalshadows
biggest dick move I have ever read in any fanfiction.
you literally mad build your character to SOLEY love Shepard
then allow shepard to willingly fuck another guy just so he can experience the unadulterated unfiltered pain of seeing the woman she loves getting plowed by another man. shit I FELT THAT and this is a damn fanfiction! so in equal parts good job and also screw you 9/10 ign.
11/20/2018 c1 Darth Revan
4/10 can you stop making chapter like UPDARED it is dumb ok you this UPDARED from 1 to chapter 31 stop that.
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