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for Mass Effect: Testament of the Last American Soldier

10/19/2018 c19 Guest
Like the story, not the quotes. No, George Washington did not say that firearms were the "people's liberty teeth" nor was that "quote" from Ben Franklin a little while back an actual quote from him!
The term lunch wasn't used during Franklin's time, and the full "quote" from Washington mentions prairie wagons, prairies that were owned by France at the time, and Pilgrims, a term for the Plymouth settlers that only really grew popular in the times after the early 1800's
6/26/2018 c2 2majored
i rescind my comments and questions about the magazines and thermal clips. a picture of his armor would be nice still tho. i liked the chapter. i noticed a few grammar errors but nothing you couldn't read over. good job and keep it up.
6/26/2018 c1 majored
i liked the chapter. it would be nice if you had picture of the armor but it isnt totally necessary. i just want to ask why you seemed to get rid of the thermal clips that ME uses? i have no problem with the magazines in truth it just wasnt expected. also it does kinda throw the physics of the guns out of whack. all mass effect guns fire bullets the size of a grain of sand, the guns you described seem to fire rounds about the size of a marble or a ball bearing. not flaming or trying to get you down or anything. so far the story is okay.
4/2/2018 c38 4Revliledpembroke
You know, you never did play Hungry Like the Wolf, did you?
4/2/2018 c35 Revliledpembroke
Just one question: how the fuck did Saigon move from Vietnam to Korea? Or how did the Vietnamese jungle move to Korea(You mentioned his Second Korean War experience with jungles when they went to Pragia)? Korea is north of Japan and Japan is too cold for jungles.
1/31/2018 c38 5FORD B
Awesome and great laughs!
1/29/2018 c38 WHITEHAWK2813
Can't wait to read the next chapter been waiting forever hopefully better ending than the game itself. Also hope you add in the dlc's as well especially citadel would be interesting to see how Roland reacts to a clone Shep.
1/25/2018 c1 4hakon2feb
Forgot one thing in the '...few nods to the movie 300' paragraph, namely ' versatile as a Human and as sexualized as an Asari' ;) We all certainly hope your OC will not use his finely sculpted body for only battle after all :p

1/21/2018 c38 Guest
It's a great story, I hope you manage to finish it. It's greatness aside, it does have its demerits. The biggest problem I have is Shepard, at first she seems to like the MC but then she's screwing with Jacob and apparently was in love with him? How did she develop feelings for Jacob? Also she kinda knew that the MC couldn't disobey her orders and didn't want to be a rebound, yet she doesn't care and basically orders him to shag with her. And then she also claims that she really loves him, in real life I would expect a relationship like this one to fail.
1/21/2018 c38 bigblue4101
Bout time you updated. It's been so long since I last read that I had to reread this story. I think it's coming along amazingly. Can't wait for you to finish off the saga.
1/20/2018 c38 Dreaming of Glory
That was something. . . I have no complaints still one of my favourites, But wow. Good to see you're back and kicking harder than ever.
1/18/2018 c38 16ronnambi
Glad to see you're back in the saddle! You kinda inspired me to write a fic along the lines of ME:TLAS. It's called Project Daedalus. The OC basically is similar to Blade, minus decades of combat experience, with a lot of smartarserry. It's something to tide me over until you write the next chapter .
1/18/2018 c38 5Nick terakidan
I find it hilarious that we are finding more about Roy's past OUTSIDE his freakin' story! I am craving up man XD
1/18/2018 c38 4McDouggal
New email, let's check it out and clear it.

Oh, new chapter in Mass Effe-

What? Fucking *WHAT?* Blade8821's back? Son of a bitch, drop everything to read that chapter!

Actual review:

Chapter's up to your normal level of snark, seriousness, and badassery. Powell's a good person to bring back, and turning him into a badass after what happened to him earlier in ME1 is a nice touch.

I hadn't actually thought about it, but it was never brought across that Blade was never filled in on exactly why they were on Pragia. Can't say that I wouldn't have the same reaction to that if I found out that that mission wasn't official - losing an arm, and a week of life when your lifetime is on a months at best timer is not a good thing.

Weapon upgrade time for Blade? Maybe he grabs one of the Cerberus Harrier rifles? RIP M-8 though, that thing survived how long? 9 months in universe?
11/8/2017 c37 logan.sturgill.7
Just finished this in a marathon reading. Fucking awesome man. Keep up the good work!
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