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for Astonished in Derbyshire

6/28 c4 12poppi
Technically it was janes fault for including it in a letter meant for greetings rather than an express letter which would indicate an emergency.

It’s like saying (if it was modern times) that Jane TEXTED Lizzie saying their YOUNG sister has been missing for a couple of days now instead of CALLING her. Like she’s (Jane) expecting someone on vacation would’ve been always looking at her phone much less have the time to check it.
6/8 c8 WendyJayne
Fabulous! Heart wrenching suspense, and beautiful romance - I couldn't ask for more. Darcy's finally reason for staying away made sense, and was consistent with his character. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Thanks for writing.
5/19 c8 1DJArla
So much angst in this story! I loved it
3/15 c8 Wyndwhyspyr
How lovely
2/2 c8 Rosehyon
Merci! C'est une version plus subtile , mais la fin arrive, peut-être, trop vite.
1/14 c8 Anmaon
Lovely story
1/14 c7 Anmaon
Feeling much better, thank you
1/14 c6 Anmaon
What, infuriating man why didnt you propose to Lizzy. Well I will turn the "page" and continue read to see if it will be a HEA.
10/9/2021 c8 36Marjorie Nescio
That was nice.
10/9/2021 c3 Marjorie Nescio
I like the fact that spilled coffee changes the story.
6/6/2021 c8 AnaMa9507
Es una historia muy tierna y bonita
5/20/2021 c8 B
Fabulous story love how Lizzie slowly came to the realisation that she loved Mr Darcy. Thanks so much for sharing
5/18/2021 c8 dianaanne
That was lovely
3/29/2021 c7 Moonflower26
It is a very pretty story, well written and charming, also I have not seen before a variation where the meeting in Kent didn't happen and where they skipped to Derbyshire right from Hertfordshire. Thank you for the story!
P. S. I tried to post this review under the last chapter, but was notified that I reviewed it already. It turned out I did read your story in 2013 and found it wonderful, believable and original back then too :-) thanks to my short memory I was able to enjoy your story twice as a new piece
3/14/2021 c8 1YuunaFiction
Thank you for sharing this lovely story with us! It was beautiful!
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