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for But He's Not Tom Sawyer

9/21/2014 c15 Finchelmonchele143
OMG I LOVED THE ENDING SO CUTE AND FUNNY! Finchel is love finchel is life! this was good and cute story!
5/12/2013 c15 2gleek4480
5/10/2013 c15 Guest
The ending was very sweet. You should really write a sequel. :)
5/9/2013 c15 2inuyashaluzkagome4ever
love it new more chapters
5/9/2013 c15 Loves2Paint
loved it! are u gonna write a sequal ?
5/9/2013 c15 27FinchelFan728
I'm glad he showed up! Great job!
5/9/2013 c15 noro
lookin forward to the next part of the story update asap
5/8/2013 c15 Monchele1357
Love the ending. Please write a sequel.
5/8/2013 c15 Guest
loved the end! Good work!
5/8/2013 c15 finchelromionelover
ah that was such a cute way to go. i would love if you made a sequel.
5/8/2013 c15 MirianSchuaste1
I love it!
5/8/2013 c14 FinchelFan728
They were so cute!
5/8/2013 c13 FinchelFan728
I love all their usernames :)
5/7/2013 c14 noro
lookin forward to read the epilogue
5/7/2013 c13 Loves2Paint
Haha yeah that was a funny chapter! loving this story!
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