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4/6/2019 c1 1Olimpkage
I love IT!
2/26/2019 c1 Guest
Not 30 chapters! Maybe 18 our so...
Good story!
12/6/2017 c1 Waw
Awe. This was a cute and interesting story. I somehow wish it was longer... like 30 chapters or so. You have great idea in this and I would have liked to see more into the story. Love Madara and Naruto though 3
1/21/2016 c1 9Frostfire613
I loved it! The only thing is the grammar mistake you consistently made with the dialogue.

You write dialogue like this:
"I like pie.", Madara said.

When it should be written like this:
"I like pie," Madara said.

The comma should come before the quotation marks, not after. It only comes after in scenarios where you use quotation marks to emphasize a word like:
Madara likes his days to be "adventurous", but what does his definition of "adventurous" really
5/26/2015 c1 Guest
I like how the culture was explained. Whirlpool is great like that only it should be added that they are masters of sealing :)
Very cool story overall! And yes, there should be more MadaNaru! Never enough!
Thanks for the entertainment!
5/1/2015 c1 wadeb14
So cute XD I ship these two so bad XD
11/15/2014 c2 countrylovinfangirl
10/5/2013 c2 iced-chan
of course. can't wait
9/28/2013 c2 1Rin Eve Klein
Yes u should do it
7/19/2013 c2 2ObsidianGoddess
Make a series of it and I'm down maybe have more love interests after narutos heart
7/19/2013 c1 ObsidianGoddess
It was good but I was hoping it go on longer
7/15/2013 c2 TigrezzTail
Sure, it'll update in the list every time you add a chapter, so it'll be current. But you'll need to change the description to denote each chapter is a separate story, so people don't get confused.
7/15/2013 c2 3clio1111
Yeah! I want more of MadaNaru!
7/15/2013 c2 darkhuntressxir
you should...
7/15/2013 c2 8duhorcommonsense
yes please make a new version of 'Prince Naruto' but please just add it on; don't delete this version.
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