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8/24/2019 c2 Guest
pls update soon love it
5/27/2013 c2 5Victoria Darlin
I like it so far! Please continue
4/30/2013 c2 2Jeremy Shane
Super Chapter & More Please
4/27/2013 c2 Lcat14
Great chapter I love this story! Later in the story they should secretly date and have a lot of problems! OMG I totally love this story!
4/27/2013 c2 1dillydill11
at least they r friends now
4/26/2013 c1 5Mistyflower68
Excited to see how this turns out! Sorry to hear that any drama in it will be modeled from your own problems though :(
4/26/2013 c1 1dillydill11
continue when you can
second chances
4/26/2013 c1 17ArrowThroughTheHeart
It's good so far! I love your stories!
4/26/2013 c1 If-Only-You-Believed-Me
Lol that means a lot of people like that story lov it can't wait till next update
4/26/2013 c1 2Jeremy Shane
Good Chapter & More Please
4/26/2013 c1 Lcat14
Great story next chapter are u going to tell us what the messages, notifications were? Please do I wanna know this is a great chapter!

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