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for Gavroche's Puppy Love

8/8/2013 c15 Guest
more more more more more more more more
7/29/2013 c15 Guest
Omggg girl this awesome, i love your fanfics you are so good at writting , i think maybe gavroche could ended up with a broken heart from one of the other girls and only have combeferre and enjolras to confort him. Btw i am soo exited about your next chapter, is gavroche really going to steal at that home?!
Well just wanted to tell you that. Sending love from Peru (sorry if my english is bad) XOXOXOXOXOXO
7/28/2013 c15 Guest
You've written this very well! Will Camille tell the students?
7/28/2013 c15 IvyGreen13
Yay! I've been waiting to see what happens next! Poor Gavroche!
7/28/2013 c15 Account Fail
oh no gavroche don't do this!
Poor child!
So very well written
7/28/2013 c15 6DarkSecretWaterbender
Oh no! Poor Gavroche, what will happen now? :(
7/28/2013 c15 2Marcellebelle
I just reviewed when I wasn't logged in, sorry. Very well written. Will Camille tell the students that Gavroche is a thief?
7/28/2013 c15 5hoogan
Is it Cosette's house?
7/16/2013 c14 talk-ape
I think it's great how clueless the rich students are. Most realistic.
They're going to have a shock when Gavroche jumps out of the window to take on the three men - i wonder if they'll be part of the patron-minette? With all their privilege, Enjolras and Grantaire are forgetting Gavroche has to walk home the girls for safety...that's why he was late. And now the girls look fancy...well... the men may have got the wrong impression or are just now interested. Yuck.

I think the way you juxapose the adults' looks and body language with gavroche's is great.
7/14/2013 c14 4Romance and Musicals
This story is super adorable. Omg little Gavroche having a crush on Cosette was basically the cutest thing ever. And all of the Amis taking care of him was super sweet. Especially Courfeyrac! And I didn't think I could love him anymore. I love how much Cosette and Valjean are involved here. And the little gamines are sweet as well. I like Camille a lot. But I'm concerned about Gavroche's new attitude. And now I'm very scared for Camille! I hope she's okay.
7/13/2013 c14 6DarkSecretWaterbender
Oh no! Please update soon! What's happening to Camille?!
7/13/2013 c14 23abbyisawalker
:) Finally! Ive only been waiting forever!
7/13/2013 c14 Account Fail
Awwwww, mean cliffhanger!
I really, really loved it! I didn't know that Gavroche can throw such punches!
7/13/2013 c14 5hoogan
7/7/2013 c13 2Marcellebelle
little ladies' man would work a little better that gavroche's puppy love... please continue!
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