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5/30/2013 c8 6DarkSecretWaterbender
This chapter is really cute. It was a lot of fun to read.
5/27/2013 c5 Lela
OMFG HI ALLISON! HAHA, I'm checking the story you recommended! xD oh and Enjolras could explain that there's a difference between discipline and abuse.
5/27/2013 c4 Allison
"Fine, have your way, but if he does anything like this again, he will get a smacking" you should do something with this; like a chapter where Gavroche is misbehaving again, maybe doing something bad when he was trying to impress leola
5/25/2013 c7 DarkSecretWaterbender
Aw, this was cute.
5/25/2013 c7 Account Fail
Ohhh young Gavroche learning how to flirt, soooooo sweet and adorable! Courfeyrack will be proud!
5/25/2013 c7 5hoogan
Awww, our wee Gavrochre is following a good example.
5/25/2013 c7 10thephantomofthetardis
aww little Gavroche, the ladies man!
5/24/2013 c6 Account Fail
Ohh how funny, Gavroche and Marius are fighting on the same side
5/21/2013 c6 5hoogan
LOL yep, Courf living up to Hugo's description of 'the Tom Cat'.
5/21/2013 c6 10thephantomofthetardis
Awww cute. I love how kind Cosette is to little Roche :)
5/21/2013 c6 talk-ape
Awww yes I did.
5/20/2013 c4 5LoveLyss
I spelt Gavroche wrong in my last review I am like 91% sure. I am shamed.

But on another note, keep up the good work!
5/20/2013 c5 LoveLyss
Oh my gosh. Enjolras and Gavorche hugs I think just might be the cutest thing ever!
5/19/2013 c5 talk-ape
Awwww perfect
5/18/2013 c5 Account Fail
Ohhh it was so beautiful to read! So much better than I imagined!
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