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7/14 c24 poimeme90
i love it. one of the better time travel fics out there. sensible but also we know that harry is very powerful and could have prevented eveyrthing from the start but they chose to be smart, though i must express grief that they allowed harry to experience the same abuse that django endured, but alas fate can be a bitch in the name of saving the world. though you become sloppy at the end and high tailed towards the old cliches of old,, confrontation that could have been riveting but eh ill forgive that one because i like this already from the start.
7/14 c22 poimeme90
godamn was this a sloppy chapter. grammar issues, spelling, and long ass speeches that was unnecessary to be said. that rant against molly was unwarranted and did not fit the narrative at all. if you were going to town with the weaselys, you should have built this up until that confrontation, it just appeared rude and inconsiderate to a woman who wanted to express grief over harrys ordeal.
7/14 c14 poimeme90
oh i so love the love you are showing poor harry of family i love this so much, its much more detailed than the time travel fics around here
7/14 c9 poimeme90
i like how they have their own adventure thats adorable, even hunting criminals love that for him
7/14 c8 poimeme90
why decide to leave jasmine in the future? she would have escaped the paradox and get to spend more time with her father
6/29 c16 10Demi-Wizard48
I just thought about Django's age. Harry was born in 1980 and the plot started in 2030, making him about 50. And then, he entered in 1972 and the story is in 1994, so that's 22 years. So, Django's probably 72 years old, that's about Voldemort's age by the way.
4/21 c24 K
An absolutely excellent story, full of emotion, action, adventure and imagination. I look forward in hope to be able to read other works by you. On a somewhat less impressed note, you desperately need a GOOD beta/proof reader, as your spelling and too frequently your grammar is diabolical, in American or British form.
4/20 c11 K
Great fun!
2/27 c24 gginsc
Lovely story.
1/19 c8 1Sujeeth
There is a lot of things I'm finding hard to understand. For starters, who in the right mind would want to leave behind a peaceful world and a whole family and go to a time where war is raging. Not to mention the risk of changing major events, not meeting his beloved and not even having a child-Jasmine; all to get back 20yrs of time lost with his wife.

And then there is the confusion of what time travel really means in this fic. Will there be 2 Harrys? Will future Harry be the same age when he goes to 1970s? If that was the case, then wouldn't he be like an old man by the time Voldy is revived and stuff?

While I feel that the ideas in this fic are good and the writing excellent, there are a lot of plot holes and lack of motive as a whole. I am enjoying the fic though and I hope the aspects of time travel as per this fic is explained in the coming chapters.
12/9/2020 c24 jimmy.oz
It is a great story but i think they should have at least had one more child.
12/5/2020 c24 2MagickLady666
Enjoyed the story immensely. I think the beginning was perfect and added depth to the characters and what led to a much better conclusion. Loved to see the old manipulator get his comeuppance. Thanks for a great read.
11/17/2020 c10 HEROTYTY13
is mad dog tannin a reference to back to the future
11/1/2020 c13 13TheHandOfTheDarkness
Yay, Snape bashing! The feckin-... ResidentSleeper
10/31/2020 c12 rowenasheir
Dobby and the diary?
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