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for God Gave Me You

3/16/2014 c7 1Barbysr
please if you have time finish this story i love it! tanks a lot fot read this
barby, from argentina
6/19/2013 c6 Guest
Pls update soon pls update!
6/2/2013 c6 MEEEEEE
5/22/2013 c5 Avidreader
I love this fic. Pls continue! :)
5/13/2013 c5 3gleefullyannonymous
Amazing, as always. :*
5/9/2013 c4 gleefullyannonymous
your authors notes, though.
5/6/2013 c3 32WillowRosenbergWinchester
Hey I love this ship, keep it up. Oh and when characters sing in fic, well I can take it or leave it. Its never the same as watching and listening.
5/5/2013 c3 4awesomestgleek
I love when there's singing, I think it's better than just saying 'oh, they sang this song and it was great'; and I love this story, I totally ship blainchel:)
5/5/2013 c3 2Saint of the Sinners
I like singing in fanfics!
I'm enjoying it so far :)
Keep it up!
5/5/2013 c3 2PuckleberryGeek89
Loving it so far! I personally love songs and singing in fics. Then I can listen and sing along if I like lol. Hope u add some music to this and hope to read more soon.
4/30/2013 c2 1Franchize10ale
This chapter was great! I think it's funny how Rachel showed up but still wouldn't tell Blaine her name but he figured it out anyway lol. And him calling her Bambi is cute! Update please!
4/28/2013 c1 Nati
I love your story! I completely ship blainchel! I just love them! Theo are so perfect! Your story is great! Keep it up pelase! I have Belén looking for a good blainchel fanfiction for ages but the are not many! Thank u so much! You are a genius!
4/29/2013 c2 5xxseemoreclearly
Sooo addicted to Blainchel! This satisfied it haha :) Keep up the great writing
4/29/2013 c1 3gleefullyannonymous
god gave me this fic lord it gets better every time i read it ;)
4/28/2013 c1 1Franchize10ale
Blainchel is adorable and this chapter is great! Please continue!

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