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for Ex Umbrae

7/19/2014 c2 joy
this is just amazing and you didn't update why does this have to happen to every story I fall in love with why?
10/9/2013 c3 6SoTimeless
I love your story, it has all the aspects of becoming one of the best fanfictions this site has ever seen. Please update soon, I cannot wait any longer.
5/11/2013 c3 212BeRini
man...i feel bad for cassiopeia. the nightmares are just the tip of the iceberg in reference to the horrors she experienced. looks like the 'light side' was just as ruthless as the DEs. anyone who would torture a small child is lower than low.

i do have a question - where's astoria's older sister, daphne. is she one of the 'fallen'

i like how draco is proving himself a leader inside of Slytherin and i can't wait when he does the same as Head Boy.
5/6/2013 c2 2BeRini
it aint easy being Green, but i know draco & the rest of the Slytherins will manage it. i'm actually looking forward to the meeting between the Golden Trio & the Slytherins. i'm not seeing weasley being a)forgiving or b)understanding. he's neither on a good day & when you combine the fact he's going to be told that everything about Slytherin in general & draco in particular has been a lie that was put in place by the MoM & known by & promoted by every Headmaster for least the past 75 years including dumbledore - well, let's just say his reaction is not going to pretty. & harry's going to be worse, as he has a thing about ppl lying to him. the only understanding person i'm seeing in this situation is hermione, maybe.

looking forward to your next update!
5/4/2013 c1 2BeRini
this is a strong beginning to what will be an epic story. i love the backstory you have given Slytherin House, the reason behind the aloofness those Sorted there present to the other three Houses. it makes perfect sense & to have Draco as the strong main character & de facto leader of Slytherin is a great move. i'm looking forward to where you take this story.

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