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for Guardians from the Other World: Book 2 to Book 6

2/22 c15 togetechnical1
Great story overall Will feeling and growth. Will wait forever to continue to read another update from this wonderful story.
1/24/2020 c15 mbh040
Great chapter, Matthias in St. Aggie was very exciting to read. Eager to see his plan in action and how the others are going to react to seeing him in St. Aggie, if they see him.
Eagerly waiting for more!
5/16/2019 c2 7Sebias of Redwall
Hmm...Interesting. I like your writing style so far. I wonder what Matthias/Martin will have to do to fulfill his quest.
Great job so far! Never stop writing!
5/16/2019 c1 Sebias of Redwall
Great start! Keep writing!
5/6/2019 c14 Lili
Soy mexicana, y realmente me encantó todo el fanfic.
Me encantaría que los siguieras, tiene muy buena trama ,especialmente por que me has dejado con la sensación de una gran duda jeje
3/21/2019 c14 nanogrunt
Where has this fic been it is amazing, I just thought I would check FF for anymore continuing guardians storys and stumbled across this I love what you are doing can’t wait to see more In the future. Hope you have a good day.
2/7/2019 c14 TogeTechnical
All I can say is I LOVE THIS FIC... wish there was more but I happy to know your work are one of a kind for the guardians section. Keep up the good work!
12/23/2018 c2 Running River
I don’t think this chapter is long/draggy.
12/16/2018 c6 GytgttygyyhihGoo
9/3/2018 c12 3osmiumpeach
I can't wait to see how Soren will see Grimble after learning what is happening between him and Mathias. After all, Grimble is more or less using Mathias as a slave and flat-out control his body in his place if he refuse to obey him.
Apart the moon-blinking, that's quite close to what Saint-Aggie tried to do to him and Gilfie.
5/15/2018 c13 BettyAndFabuleuse
This is a great story, adding a character into a story without wrecking it all is no small feat that i can tell. Mathias seems almost natural to the world of ga'hoole, the text is fluid and his personnality is catching. His powers with Grimble and the intrigue around it with Boron and Barran being suspicious are what make this fic special.
But i though first that Ezylryb would think that Mathias is a spy of the pure ones before thibking of him as a potential ally, that was my first impression for the last chapter.
Again i just wish there still would be more of it, every fiction that caught me like yours did i want more and i'll wait for more. I hope there will more update to come and keep up the good work my friend!
5/6/2018 c13 7Bluepaw265
Woah, amazing chapter! It's great to finally see his background...well, some of it, at least.
I couldn't really imagine Amelia, though, which was a bit of a bummer. But hey; can't have everything.
Can't wait for your next chapter!
See you then!
~ BP2
5/6/2018 c12 mbh040
I am very happy to see another chapter to this story and I greatly enjoyed it.
Can't think on anything you could improve on incase you are wondering. Love the way the story is written.
Don't really mind long chapters that much.
I am eagerly waiting for more updates to this wonderful story :D
8/11/2017 c11 Bluepaw265
This is great. I honestly have nothing that you could improve on (blame it on the lack of wrongness I look for).
There was one part, near the end of this chapter, that repeated itself.
It's just after Glyfie says that Soren is the leader.
Other than that, this was a great chapter. Loved the flashback (hope you do more of those!) and am secretly hoping our main character (Matt...something) will get found out - if for his eavesdropping (and therefore suspicion from everyone) or how he knows everything (One of the elderly owls saw him help Soren's sister become clear-minded again. Wondering if that's coming to play soon; if so, I'm extremely excited.)
I'd go on, but I must depart.
See you next one,
~ BP2
P.S. Every time i see this story updated in my Inbox, i squeal in delight. Keep this up, and this'll be on my favourites list.
Also: at the start of this review, you may notice a bit of a wording error (Glyfie, Soren leader thing). Blame it on the website; it deletes every character after the ones I'm writing.
5/20/2017 c10 Random Dude
Well done! This chapter was probably your best one yet.
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