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for Number 27

5/27/2016 c1 2TyMatthews
Oh the conflicting emotional pain!
10/30/2013 c1 2grimmich
haha poor Quentin...
8/15/2013 c1 sehkra
Noooooo. Don't promise this is your last one shot. I am addicted to your Quiver fics. They are so very very good, please keep writing.
6/7/2013 c1 90htbthomas
Oh, very nice one shot. I love Quentin's complicated relationship with Oliver.
5/1/2013 c1 153IronAmerica
All I can say is, poor Quentin. *cuddles him*

Given that there are now twenty-seven victims, I think it's safe to assume that Quentin's started to go a little numb. Or he's in shock, but either way, it's reaching high numbers that it's hard to dredge up emotions other than numbness and the need to get the job done.

Poor Quentin, though. He's lost Ollie to his daughter. *snickers*

I don't mind the one-shots. :) And no quibbles atm.


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