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for A Trail Of Destruction

5/19 c50 stubbornpiggy
this story was so good! I feel like your description of Emma is what we should have seen more of in the show (minus the whole Moe part, of course). It just feels like the show glossed over a lot of the trauma the characters went through and what the emotional scars would be. Thank you. Any chance you would do a sequel where they desk with the aftermath of the curse breaking?
4/23 c50 jasouatfan
Love this story. I would love to see them fight against the townspeople and their wedding. Great proposal and beautiful ring
4/23 c49 jasouatfan
Aww so cute she’s asking for Henry’s permission. I would love to see how they deal with the curse breaking
4/23 c48 jasouatfan
So excited for Regina to get her magic back. So sexy. I hope Mm feels the same way when the curse breaks
4/23 c47 jasouatfan
Awww I love them. Such a special moment between the three. Can’t wait until the curse breaks
4/23 c46 jasouatfan
Yes so glad the reunited
4/23 c45 jasouatfan
Interesting. Did Regina cross the line when she adopted Henry? What would happen if Regina crossed. Love their date
4/23 c44 jasouatfan
I love them
4/23 c43 jasouatfan
Yay they’re making progress
4/23 c42 jasouatfan
I hope Emma forgives Regina soon. I think Henry is right about Emma punishing Regina
4/23 c41 jasouatfan
I’m so emotional. That was a much needed conversation and they’re both being vulnerable
4/23 c32 jasouatfan
I’m in tears. Emma has got to understand
4/23 c31 jasouatfan
I am so relieved that Henry is supporting Regina. All Regina ever wanted was love and to be free. Her life was far from perfect. Snow has no idea what Regina endured
4/23 c30 jasouatfan
I would love to see the twins reaction and the curse breaking.
4/23 c29 jasouatfan
I don’t think Emma going into the wardrobe was Regina’s fault. Snow and David made that choice themselves.
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