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for A Trail Of Destruction

7/19/2017 c22 witchpieceoftoast
"the feeling that, even now, the pair of them would be better off without her." oh Regina. oh honey. this is so painful because she believes it so completely even after all these months proving how much better this family is with all three of them there supporting and loving each other. I keep getting more and more worried about how the curse breaking is going to ruin everything! i've been warned that it's going to start getting really sad again in about 10 chapters and idk how i'm gonna get through this! i need Regina to tell her! but I know it won't happen and it huuuuurts. why must there be such angst?
Henry starting to realize they might be more than just friends though! i need this to go well! something must go well for them! please!
7/18/2017 c25 Guest
Lol Henry is funny in chapter 25. "Because...because I know that's not who you are anymore." He just won't drop it.
7/18/2017 c21 witchpieceoftoast
the way you're able to with so much angst and so much wonderful, heartwarming tenderness at the same time has my heart going through these ridiculous extremes and idk how to deal gdi. you're so good at it too! i'm so proud of Regina finally being able to tell part of her truth to Emma. even if I know it's gonna lead to more pain for her rn. it's going to make such a beautiful pay off.
that apple tree scene though holy shit! that was intense and kinda terrifying. it had me just as worried as Regina about what Emma had gone to the mansion for.
(I got distracted by sqw but i'm back!)
7/16/2017 c50 3Book1Worm90
This story is absolutely amazing, it wasn't rushed or cliche. It was totally believable, their characters stayed very true and I loved it! Thanks so much for all your time and dedication on this story, it is amazing.
7/13/2017 c17 Guest
I'm liking this fic so far but I've lost track of whether Emma and Regina are each other's first in a way. Guess reading this with lots of breaks and buzzed moments in between doesn't help.
7/11/2017 c50 Guest
Is Regina a prostitute in this story? Makes sense...
7/11/2017 c48 Guest
Regina is a stupid cunt and a worthless whore.
7/10/2017 c19 witchpieceoftoast
i love any chapter that begins with these to 'not cuddling' even when i can just tell that it's about to lead to some solid angst. you have so much skill bringing in these little lighthearted moments in their lives to balance out what feels like an incredible tragedy building up. i'm so grateful for them. all the things that Regina has been feeling the last couple of chapters hurts so so much. i know this character so well now, and i'm still constantly amazed at how much pain she has. seeing the way you bring that out has been intriguing and hard, but it feels like it's going to be rewarding in the end. you seem to be framing things in a way that's going to allow everything to come out eventually and now i just have to wait anxiously for that to happen! and hope that it doesn't all destroy me lol (i'm glad you're liking the comments! i enjoy leaving them but i was also after i was babbling on to someone who'd probably left the fandom years ago and wouldn't want to see blocks of textidk how to effectively format ff commentson their old work)
7/8/2017 c13 witchpieceoftoast
'i was just thinking... about you. and Emma. you really are trying to be friends with her, aren't you?' Henryyyy you precious boy. telling his mom that she's pretty! and then trying to stay up to make sure she had a good night! i seriously can't deal with how much i adore him that was such a great first date for them! i love how much their bickering remained and how much they continued to rile each other up. and more amazing making out! i'm so pleased. why have i been scared of this fic for so long?
7/7/2017 c12 witchpieceoftoast
! i wasn't expecting the kissing to be so soon! omg it's so good! bu omg that whole thing with the pictures why is she so dramatic all the damn time?! i love it!
7/7/2017 c10 witchpieceoftoast
so i realize this fic is old as balls, but i've been scared of reading it for years and now i get to experience all this beautiful angst for the first time \o/
this chapter absolutely blew me away. everything so far has been so good. your characterization of Henry has had me in tears several times already. i've seen a Henry written like this in s1 fic so rarely. especially how early in the show this was written. i'm in love with this Henry. but this chapter? i'm dying rn! gods that scene in the study was so beautiful. i felt so much for Emma. the way you're writing her ptsd and her anxieties is so compelling and has me constantly on edge. and i thought i was going to have to wait another several chapters for the fallout of Sydney's spying? but here you are setting things off within a few chapters? and talking about it instead of bottling it up for ages? the pacing is so good but also has me really nervous about what you have in store for them.
ahhhh i'm so glad i'm finally reading this!
7/3/2017 c50 Jordan
Best one yet. Amazing work, sad its over
7/3/2017 c12 Guest
Hooray for chapter 12
7/3/2017 c11 Guest
Awe the idea of Regina falling for Emma is kinda cute, but to read through it is even better. He he she's such a love-struck loser.
7/2/2017 c1 Guest
Regina the expert at reading between the lines.
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