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for A Trail Of Destruction

4/23 c28 jasouatfan
Im so proud of Regina.
4/23 c27 jasouatfan
This is heartbreaking. Henry is a smart boy
4/23 c26 jasouatfan
This is so sad. Emma needs to respond
4/23 c25 jasouatfan
This was a breakthrough for Regina and Henry, who is much more likable here
4/23 c24 jasouatfan
Oh Emma. So heartbreaking. She’s been through so much
4/23 c23 jasouatfan
Aww love this. They are so good together
4/23 c22 jasouatfan
Regina is a survivor too. She gives great advice and cares so deeply
4/23 c21 jasouatfan
I love them. They’re both broken in their own ways but are survivors
4/23 c20 jasouatfan
Love this. Hilarious the town had no idea
4/22 c12 jasouatfan
Aww love this
4/22 c7 jasouatfan
They do care about each other
4/22 c39 jasouatfan
So sad
4/22 c37 jasouatfan
Oh Emma. I hope she forgives Regina. The king was a monster and Rumple manipulates Regina
4/22 c36 jasouatfan
They’re both in so much pain
4/22 c34 jasouatfan
This is heartbreaking
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