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for A Trail Of Destruction

3/5 c50 witedwarf
great story I loved it. Very well written and character development! Thank you for writing it. Keep up the excellent work!
12/26/2020 c46 ppirate
“And it was then that Emma was at her most beautiful, her most perfect - because she was wearing red panties that didn't match her black bra, because her mascara was slightly smudged under one green eye, and because she was Emma. Because she was Regina's lover, and her best friend. She was beautiful because she simply was.”...this line is everything. I’m in awe with this fic. I haven’t put it down in days, and it’s truly one of the best pieces of fanfic i’ve ever read
8/31/2020 c50 bsully1970
This is definitely one of the best stories out here! I loved it! Great writing, Thank You!
6/21/2020 c50 ToryArtlife
THIS is the best Ouat fanfic I have ever read.
6/6/2020 c27 2evl-rgl
The slow burn is killing me, but I don’t think that’s a sign of bad writing. I’m like 100,000 words into this fic and I have now stopped. I started at like 11pm yesterday and was up until 4am. Then I woke up and kept reading it. Like...I ate crackers for breakfast because I could eat them while scrolling on my phone.

I think it’s a mark if really excellent writing that I’m both antsy to find out how Emma will react to the curse, and simultaneously dreading it. That push and pull is so hard to do well, but it’s absolutely enthralling when it is.

Excellent work! :)
4/29/2020 c1 ecags
I have reread this again and every single time, the part where Emma is proposing has me in tears. You write so beautifully.
4/16/2020 c25 2SEBPD15
There could be no better name than Operation Lobster. Love it.
2/21/2020 c50 eelojnil
You are much more than an “OKay” writer, my dear. You truly have a gift and I am so glad you deigned to share it. Top 5.

My eyes are very clean now, and my heart beats stronger ... what an emotional journey.

Thank you.
1/1/2020 c50 FrumiousBandersnatch15
What a beautiful fairytale you wrote... and according to your author note, it seems you got to live one of your own. Thank you for sharing such an inspiring piece of fiction:)
10/11/2019 c50 Guest
This is one of the best fabrics I've read, and I've read ALOT. (Xena, Voyager, DWP, more). I almost stayed up all night to finish, and I haven't done that in years. Such great character development, great pace, perfect level of angst. Don't let the haters get you down. You have nothing to apologize for and every reason to be proud.
9/14/2019 c50 Guest
This is beautiful. I would like to say more, but I'm actually quite speechless right now. THANK YOU.
9/14/2019 c50 g33kmonster
How do I even begin writing a review for something so perfect? This story is a motherfricken MASTERPIECE and quite honestly, I'm left speechless.

I really took my time with this one-and by that, I mean I frantically read every available second I had this past week lmfao. BUT! I made myself slow down, allowed myself to read & really appreciate every beautiful line that collectively makes this fanfic a whole. I wish I could share with you all the quotes I highlighted, but there were soooo many times that I had to STOP because my breath was literally taken away in the matter of a single sentence.

The characterization (of all major and supporting characters) was flawless. Truly, I felt like I was watching the actual show but your version was even better? Can we turn this into a movie pls? The EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER was amaaaaaaaaazing, I mean wHEW. I'm a sucker for angst and girl, you nailed it. The amount of times I laughed, cried, and squealed out loud is honestly embarrassing but whatever. So worth it.

Anyway. I'll prob continue to read this over and over until I'm a crippling old swen bc HAHAHA it's my favorite fanfic ever & you bet your a$$ I'll be pushing this on everyone in the fandom for the rest of its existence. Srsly-bless you, woman. And thank you for this piece of art in the form of a fanfic.
8/21/2019 c25 Guest
7/9/2019 c34 QueerNorman
I love that you made me laugh with that hilarious Hercules joke in the midst of this amazing emotional roller coaster of a chapter!
6/28/2019 c23 babykannible23
My heart aches whenever Regina is upset. I just want to put her in my pocket and love her forever!
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