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for A Trail Of Destruction

5/18/2019 c50 Giselle Peter
Wowwww beautiful story .greate written and so so amazing . You are really an awesome author. Thank u
5/9/2019 c50 15darkwolflovesgirls
What a wonderful story, had me riveted from the beginning! Thank you for sharing your amazing work!
4/6/2019 c50 cajunwolf1
The greatest story I've read in sometime. Well done.
4/3/2019 c50 5BlueDogM
Woooow what a journey! I started reading this again because you were re-writing it but I'm not very patient so here we are ' still amazing though :D
3/19/2019 c50 ChiRaven
This story fucked me up so bad, I've been reading it every chance I got (even at work, shhh) and I just wanted to say that you are amazing and thank you so so so much. Thank you.
3/10/2019 c4 SpurBoy
Hello! I saw you were posting the story on AO3 so I read the four chapters there and came back here to compare them. I liked that you made the injuries more serious in the revised edition because while they were terrible enough on ffnet, I briefly wondered how the fierce Emma Swan, loner extraordinaire, was so traumatized by French's attack. The addition of broken ribs and a gunshot wound really upped the ante on the destruction wrought. The pacing in Ch.1 on AO3 was a lot more deliberate and it's still good but I have to admit I love the rushed feeling of the action in the original, it put me in Emma's headspace a little more. I also liked that she cried in front of the council and felt ashamed before she was transported to the ambulance. I can't wait to keep comparing the two because this was and still is one of my favorite SwanQueen stories. Glad you're still around and I hope doing well!
2/26/2019 c50 ecags
I just finally finished this, and what an amazing story you have created for us. Definitely one of my all time favorites! Your writing is flawless, thank you so much xxx
2/14/2019 c50 4OnceUponASuper
Finally finished reading this work of art and now it’s 1am and I’m crying because it’s so damn beautiful. I can’t believe I didn’t read this sooner and just holy shit I didn’t realise how much I missed OUAT until now. I miss these beautiful ladies and your stories (old and new) are so incredible and I just can’t stop crying. You’re amazing and this story is amazing.
1/14/2019 c41 IveryTsuchi
Ok so I’m just reading this and am curious as to WHICH episode you’re referring to in your Authors Note lol.
1/7/2019 c50 1MlleSpoody
Okay, I'm taking a deep breathe, sorry if my comment is not perfect, English isn't my fist language. I'm reading someone will remember us, and I found myself looking around for your others story because there wasn't enough of this on Ao3. So I fond myself three days ago at the beginning of this story and I remember myself saying that I love the way wou write but this will just be another of swan queen fiction supposing yo be slow burn but which wasn't going to be, and than it will be inaccurate about the curse and how emma would feel. And oh my god, I'm sorry, I was so fucking wrong. This is one of the best story I read, and I've read a lot of them. The way you touch character of the show, make them who they are with an accuraty that so true to the show, and with just a touch of yourself, it's amazing. Your writing is so good, I already knew that, and your ideas are amazing. This story is close to perfection, with just enough angst, enough cuteness and so much feeling. This story girl is going to my top ten. Thank you for writing it. I'm not so much of a reviewer, I never did it on someone will remember us, but you blow me out on this one, so I had to tell you. Thank you for this masterpiece.
1/3/2019 c50 3TheLoveOfApples
Helen, this was so heartbreakingly beautiful that I’m sobbing. Your writing, as always, is such a joyous ride which I both crave and yet dread finishing, desperately curious to know where you decide to take us and yet heartbroken that the journey is about to be over. Thank you for such a gorgeous, amazing, PERFECT story!

- Samantha

(Any chance there is a small sequel in the future? I would love to see how you handle the town waking up, specifically how Snow and Divid react!)
1/1/2019 c4 TheLoveOfApples
I just noticed your song rec in the notes when re-reading this and I just had to say thank you, because it was absolutely beautiful 3
11/19/2018 c1 1Swanqueen7
im re reading this again lol
10/23/2018 c50 regalnightingale
Reading this was quite the journey, one filled with some angst, but most of all the love and tender care that began to blossom between Emma and Regina and that is truly the most beautiful thing to read, I could read it a million times over and it would still be perfect every time. Thank you for this story, it was definitely a beauty!
10/19/2018 c16 Jackalope737
This is the second time (errr, I think? might be third?) time I’m reading this story, and these last two chapters (15 & 16) especially, are such a potent combination of sweet/realistic interpersonal connection and the hottest fckn sexytimes EVER that I am just floored. I WANT TO RIDE THIS SMUT TRAIN FOREVER AND EVER.

The whole setup for the story is rather genius, too...The really intense near-death experience for Emma and how it’s a catalyst for them both, but especially Regina, to realize her feelings and bring her together with Emma...August being in the background taking care of the curse details with Henry so we don’t need a little drama queen Henry to progress that part of the plot...the awesomeness of them getting together but with the looming of the curse breaking. and on and on. Love it!
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