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for A Trail Of Destruction

1/1/2019 c4 3TheLoveOfApples
I just noticed your song rec in the notes when re-reading this and I just had to say thank you, because it was absolutely beautiful 3
11/19/2018 c1 1Ravenclaws7
im re reading this again lol
10/23/2018 c50 regalnightingale
Reading this was quite the journey, one filled with some angst, but most of all the love and tender care that began to blossom between Emma and Regina and that is truly the most beautiful thing to read, I could read it a million times over and it would still be perfect every time. Thank you for this story, it was definitely a beauty!
10/19/2018 c16 Jackalope737
This is the second time (errr, I think? might be third?) time I’m reading this story, and these last two chapters (15 & 16) especially, are such a potent combination of sweet/realistic interpersonal connection and the hottest fckn sexytimes EVER that I am just floored. I WANT TO RIDE THIS SMUT TRAIN FOREVER AND EVER.

The whole setup for the story is rather genius, too...The really intense near-death experience for Emma and how it’s a catalyst for them both, but especially Regina, to realize her feelings and bring her together with Emma...August being in the background taking care of the curse details with Henry so we don’t need a little drama queen Henry to progress that part of the plot...the awesomeness of them getting together but with the looming of the curse breaking. and on and on. Love it!
10/9/2018 c50 8AlexToYourOlivia
God, I love this. I love this so, so, so, so very much. Thank you xoxo
10/9/2018 c37 AlexToYourOlivia
I'm so in love with this tale.

I have to be honest; the first time I tried to read it, I only got to chapter 14 or 15 and then skipped to the last chapter to see if they ended up together. However...I couldn't get it out of my head! When I realized I was still thinking about this story weeks later, I came back to read it again...and now I can't stop!
10/3/2018 c50 34Pinkpillow19
A truly amazing story with a perfect ending :) well done
9/28/2018 c32 Pinkpillow19
Crying soooo hard wow. Amazing writing
9/28/2018 c31 Pinkpillow19
I feel like my eyes have been peeing like the last 4 chapters. This is amazing angst I am hooked and love it
9/28/2018 c27 Pinkpillow19
Wish he had hugged her :(( would have loved to have read that scene
9/28/2018 c20 Pinkpillow19
Lol to the author note ;)
9/16/2018 c50 rlybloody
This fanfic was so great! Thank you for creating a masterpiece
8/28/2018 c1 1Ravenclaws7
i am re reading this fic and i LOVE this and one of my favorites ever!
8/28/2018 c50 VenomousD
Ohh god this story is soooo freaking beautiful! I couldn’t stop reading it. It is just perfect amout of everything, love, happiness, sadness, angst, soppiness, cuteness. I am soooo overwhelmed. Deffo one of the best fics ive read. Thank you, this was beautiful journey!
8/14/2018 c50 Guest
So... I'm a little late to the party, (about 2 years) and I am definitely new to fanfiction, but this story is INCREDIBLE! And sure it is a little dark, but hey, we all have our dark moments, it just wouldn't be right if it was all happy-go-lucky. And it WAS a slow burn, but again, it wouldn't be right otherwise. It made me laugh, then cry, then facepalm, giggle, then rinse and repeat. And yes, I stayed up all night reading. But it was SO worth it. Honestly, I would pay good money to experience this wonderful story again (for the first time, because while it's still good after, it's never the same.) So, if anyone is reading this wondering if they should read this, wonder no more- you should. And if the author is reading this, then can I just kidnap you and make you write more wonderful stories? I promise I'll feed you and everything (And if I had a million dollors to give you I would, but you'll have to wait for a few nevers) Anyway, if I could get those night hours back, I would spend them reading it again for the first time. -Love, Bayley
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