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for Second Heaven

9/18/2015 c1 TinaF
Aww very sad but still a good story.
8/7/2015 c1 6ArrowedHero
This broke my heart, Carlisle and Esme were my favourites in the movie. I alway hope for Stephenie Meyer to write a past to Carlisle, and include Esme into it - and then, whalah, a movie? :O
12/5/2013 c1 Milefanis Zorella
Oh. Oh. Oh por favorrrrrrrrrrr LLOREEEEEEEEE TODO, llore mas que cuando vi Titanic, mas que cuando Edward deja a bella en luna nueva, mas que cuando Edward intenta revivir a bella en Amanecer parte 1, mas que cuando matan a Carlisle y Jasper en la visión de Alice,XDDDD desde que entendí que era lo que querían.. OH creo que llore tanto como en los créditos de Amanecer parte 2. Oh es tan triste, yo no podría hacer eso, realmente me dolió en el alma lo que tuvo que hacer rose, estoy re tristeeee ;(. Yo amo la saga, amo la historia de amor de Edward y bella y todo pero mas que eso soy una maga fanática de Carlisle, lo amo por dios, es que es, es... es él punto jajaja. así que leer esto es como... muy triste.
realmente escribes muy muy bien, ame el final es super, escribes tan pero tan bien que sentí todo lo que sintieron cada uno de ellos. XD ERES GENIAL NUNCA CAMBIES !
7/23/2013 c1 5Ellie.LP
i couldnt love this story more. If I was Rosalie or Edward there was no way i would do this. Its murder after all.
7/22/2013 c1 Firetoflame
This one-shot was written with amazing detail and as I expected it to, made me completely depressed for half a moment before I got really angry at Carlisle and Esme for ditching their family. P.S. If I was Rose (in true Rosalie fashion) I would have slapped Esme and told her to snap out of it, right before I punched Carlisle through a wall. :P
6/25/2013 c1 3Massie Cullen
Wow! If I was Rosalie, I don't know if I could do it or not. I'd probably react like Rosalie did. Very touching one shot, brought me to tears at the end. But, if I were alive for as long as Carlisle and Esme, I'd understand where he was coming from. Very well written, I truly enjoyed this one shot.
6/15/2013 c1 Voguevamp
You certainly made me cry like a baby! What a sad, but beautiful, story.
5/22/2013 c1 Alice Villalpando
God, this was so sad...! but very good! i really loved it! and I cried!
I love Carlisle and Esme so much and to see them come to end in this life just devastated me
and I don't think I could do it if I were Rosalie or Edward. I don't think I could ever be able to kill anyone, but when is a family member and is what he wants... i really don't know.
5/19/2013 c1 Lawbin
Hey, I've read all of your previous stories and I have enjoyed them. You are a great writer, even better than some other writers who have a publishing company. I remember reading "The Only Way" and being able to visual every single detail in each scene. Then I proceeded to read "50 Shades of Grey" and thought that was not written as well as your first story.

This story had an overall sadness to it as well as some tension with Rosalie having to kill her own mother. You expressed it perfectly showing how Rosalie wants to meet her mother's wish yet having to deal with conflict within herself to put the woman she loves as a mother to an eternal sleep. You also did well to explain what was discussed beforehand so that the readers could understand what was going on and how it came to this. I also liked the short one line sentences that emphasize how it was Esme's last day with the family. Overall, it was another one-shot well done.

I think a story between Rosalie and Esme in the perverted sense may be a good idea but may not be due to the two having more of a mother-daughter relationship some people may think of it as incest even though those who know Twilight will know that they aren't blood related if my memory is correct. If they are blood related, do correct me. But I'm sure there are people out there who would read a femslash of Rosalie and Esme. I may also read it if I don't think of the mother-daughter relationship they have.

5/7/2013 c1 2borednhomealone
Dude. That made me cry. And I'm at work. Not good! The crying part I mean. The story was excellent. Great job. :-)
5/6/2013 c1 52whenaspritemeetsaunicorn
Wow...this was depressing and very good at the same time! I could never kill anyone I love!
5/3/2013 c1 1Angelotti
I cried. Seriously, I cried.

That was very romantic, accompany your lover to death, I swear that there is nothing more romantic and painful.

But men, it's too sad! I love Esme and Carlisle, they are so cute and read a tragic story about them it's too much.

And the answer to your question is no. If my mother/father were to ask me to kill her/him, would be a no.

Well, nice to see your work. I'll be read you in another moment.

5/3/2013 c1 Oya
this was so dramatic

loved it but it was sad

and to your question: If your parent is sick and ask you to tell the doctors to pull the plug? So I think of it like that

I love the Rose/Esme moments...they are so rare on this site

no femslash but maybe a single daughter/mother fic would be good
5/3/2013 c1 46Cris.P.C
God, this was so sad... *sob* Oh, I can't stand it, it's so so sad, ay... *sobs* But incredibly well-written as always and yes, they'll be together in Heaven, they deserve it, no one deserves it more than them. Oh, and I don't think I could do it if I were Rose or Edward. I don't think I could ever be able to kill anyone, even if they asked me for it, particularly if they are members of my family. I wouldn't be able to.
5/2/2013 c1 14letitbe54
As always, utterly amazing and utterly saddening. I really enjoyed this piece for the obvious reasons (amazing writing ability, attention to detail) but also how almost religious Carlisle and Esme are portrayed. I never really see Esme as being religious and thinking of heaven as an actual place, but this has me second guessing myself. Very emotional story, I loved it! And about your authors note, I would honestly read a Rosalie/Esme story if you wrote it :) So there's one reader!
Congrats in another great story, keep up the good work.
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