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8/7 c1 Guest
Superb story
7/31 c19 animusand
Is singing and dancing in the near future?
7/13 c19 51Demoness
OMG ahhhhhhhhhhh! So good! But holy sheiße, no way! BEN SAVE HER! MAUL LOVE HER! PLEASEEEEEEEE!
7/8 c19 b31nobody
What a twist! Thanks for another great chapter
7/8 c19 4Wynter Phoenix
Absolutely wonderful chapter.
7/8 c19 Guest
Dun dun dun. Loving this! I’m on the edge of my seat.

Also loving that Maul is falling for the ole Buffy charm!
7/8 c19 palmtreehead
Wow wish I’d had the willpower to save a few chapters up, masterful cliffhanger. Love the way Maul is being changed by Buffy bit by bit, and Obi Wan apparently being linked to Buffy quite strongly. Thanks for sharing!
7/7 c19 39Mako-clb
Oh, I was NOT expecting that. I don't know what exactly I was expecting, but not that. I love Maul's reactions, especially since I know that if he really stopped to think about them, he would hate what he's becoming thanks to Buffy.
7/7 c18 b31nobody
Thank you so much for this incredible story. It's the only one I've read three times. Your characterization is amazing, and I love seeing how Buffy interacts with the Star Wars crew and her developing relationship with Obi-Wan. I can't count how many times this story has made me smile and laugh even on the rereads. I love the new chapters and hope you can keep working on this story.
7/6 c18 monkeywrench542
Great story, any chances of future chapters?
7/5 c18 59Nimbus Llewelyn
Well, this is an intriguing fic - though I would note that the Old Republic Jedi, while flawed, didn't hold to the 'no feelings at all'. It was a bit more complicated than that. The 'no attachments' basically meant 'the duty of a Jedi comes first'. Per Lucas, "Jedi Knights aren't celibate - the thing that is forbidden is attachments - and possessive relationships."

Which still comes with problems, naturally, but makes it a bit more nuanced.
7/5 c18 4Wynter Phoenix
Absolutely fantastic chapter! I was so excited to see a notification in my email. Still rooting for Maul, over here.
7/3 c18 6The Tailor
I’m liking the internal thoughts of maul and I honestly love me the fact that he seems to be very reasonable in this and not looking to immediately betray her for revenge or anything like that. Great chapter
6/30 c18 7Lady Ailuros
Ooo~! I am delighted to see more of this fic.

And of course Buffy goes charging off to the rescue, brazen as can be. You can't actually be surprised, can you Obi? XD Just...don't ask the Chancellor for help. Don't do it! No matter what mind tricks he throws at you.

The Jedi better bring their A-game to this. They're gonna need it.

Meanwhile, Maul's over here like "What is this creature and what makes her tick?" He just doesn't understand Buffy. But he's more than willing to stick around and figure her out. It's pretty amusing watching his hit and miss attempts, though. Yes, Shmi is the goal. No, that does not mean you can discount the kid.

But anyway. "It wasn't going to be fine. This was very bad." Poor Buffy. What kind of mess did she get herself into this time?

Thank you for sharing your work with us. 3
6/30 c18 palmtreehead
Whoa, another awesome chapter. Feeling really bad for Obi-wan and hoping Buffy will save him from Palpatine, but also enjoying that Maul is considering how she manages to inspire so many different people. Kind of want to see him have a chat with Spike somehow. Thanks for sharing.
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