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1/17 c16 Hearteyesmf
This is one of those stories that I find myself coming back to over and over again to reread. It’s just so freaking good, I hope that one day you’ll cone back and update it!
10/8/2019 c13 Guest
God, I love this chapter.
10/7/2019 c12 Guest
So good
4/22/2019 c1 6Dragons and Dragons
"Where I'm from a mace is a this big spiky ball on the end of a chain attached to a pole, you swing it around and hit people with it."
That’s not actually a description of a mace. That’s a description of a mace-and-chain, which was actually only in use for less than fifty because there’s no way to reliably hit the person you’re aiming at and not, say, yourself or friend.
A mace is the spiky ball on a stick, no chain involved. While you may not randomly research medieval weaponry for fun, this is probably a distinction Buffy would be aware of - she takes her weapons seriously, and I can’t believe Giles would ever let her anywhere near a mace-and-chain given how uncontrollable they are.
3/16/2019 c16 Guest
I didn't know I needed this crossover! This is weird and fun yet manages to work somehow. I sure hope it will be continued some day, but for now I am grateful for the fun the already existing parts have given me.
11/1/2018 c9 Guest
This chapter and the previous are my favorites.
10/30/2018 c1 Guest
Love this first chapter.
8/9/2018 c16 b31nobody
Amazing story! I hope you continue
7/27/2018 c13 Jedi Buffy
So much awesome!
6/13/2018 c16 Sharie kazam
this is one of my favourite stories. Hope your muse comes back and you can continue, you are a great writer
4/17/2018 c16 iChaos
Great story. Very interesting and well written characterizations for the most part, especially Maul, but I am not sure if the choices Obi-wan has made are totally believable or not.

Either way, it's a shame it isn't finished. I would have very much liked to read more.
4/14/2018 c16 erik
A well written and engrossing story. Thank you.
1/25/2018 c16 6FractiousDay
Bit fluffy but otherwise quite good.
12/29/2017 c16 Guest
Oh, so awesome. Please don’t give up on this story.
12/4/2017 c8 Guest
Love, love, love this! More, please.
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