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8/6/2014 c4 thor94
Interesting story and chapter.
Naruto life has been really hard and he obtain a new friend. glad that fiore is not an OP mary-sue.
So naruto will stay the dead last no-good talentless shinobi spamming clones/rasengan and only win because kyuubi, or he become smarter and awake amazing skills (bloodline, uzumaki natural fuinjutsu genius, elemental ninjutsu, etc)?
8/23/2013 c3 6xXChirushiXx
Awesome! I really really like ur story! :D and long chappy's r fine with me cause I usually read an my hour bus ride to and from school so I have the time to just sit and read :P
8/22/2013 c2 xXChirushiXx
Awesome story :) just wondering what Fiorelynn means and where it comes from; it's really pretty. :D
8/7/2013 c3 Guest P
"The man had chocolate brown hair tied up in a very neat pony tail, mahogany eyes that were currently lit aflame with indignation, and a peculiar scar that ran across his face just over the bridge of his nose."
Very nice description. Especially the part about his eyes being aflame with indignation. Overall original describing methods. Very refreshing, especially since Iruka didn't have the usual 'chocolate' colored eyes. While I agree that chocolate is a very nice color, mahogany sounds so much better.
Although, in this particular description, the word 'lit' is unnecessary
6/15/2013 c2 5Solara Myles
This chapter had some nice progression. Finally got some free time on my hands so I came and read your story. XD
6/15/2013 c1 Solara Myles
Read the prologue, nice description on the investigation.
Grammar and sentence structure is good, with only a few mistakes, hardly any. Paragraphs however could be shorter is some instances as the idea or the tone suddenly changes in the middle.
Also, sentences like "Definitely a shinobi did it." Feel like they're missing a word, so that it would read "Definitely a shinobi that did it."
Otherwise all good. XD

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