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7/16/2016 c14 Guest
Aw I love this! Please ignore the person below, I think this is turning into a very good ExR fic, if you want to write them keep on with it cause it's great!
And Courf/Jehan is just the cutest thing ever, even if they are slightly oblivious (but not as much as Enjolras).
Plus, Éponine is badass and just plain brilliant.
Please update soon, you can't just end it like this :D
3/23/2014 c14 2SlytherinMockingjay
This was such a good chapter, please keep please don't make this a Grantiare/enjorolas fic because I rally don't like those fics. I really enjoyed this, please update soon!
1/31/2014 c12 Feuilly
I like this
1/4/2014 c11 6ElderJulietVictoireMarsh
More please! I love this, truly.
12/30/2013 c11 3robin daggers
It has come to my attention that I have not reviewed this chapter... How you say.. Oops?
But y basically I loved it it was so cute and little Joly with the cleaning products AND GRANTAIRE POOR LITTLE LAMB CHILD
I patiently await the next chapter *greponine wink* srsly guys greponine. I'm watching u.
12/15/2013 c11 rhiannon
this is very very good because I am really like this story will you be updating soon because you have not update for a long time and I am missing of this story please write more soon
11/15/2013 c11 EbonieCourfeyrac
I love the dynamic between Courf and his farther. And I just love Combeferre in general. And I love you two, 'cause you write a-maz-ing HP/ Les Mis crossover. Please, keep doing what you're doing!
10/3/2013 c10 robin daggers

((((Also everything else was really adoracute too I cry))))
9/29/2013 c10 EbonieCourfeyrac
Yep, I have a pretty good idea who sent it. Really great! I loved the insights into all of their "normal" lives. Loving this story, as ever!
9/12/2013 c9 EbonieCourfeyrac
Haha, loved the 'Combeferre!' realisation. And glad to see Grantaire's, sort of on the mend. Please update soon, this is such an epic story!
9/11/2013 c9 robin daggers
Awesome awesome chapter k dawg!
Courf and jeh were adorable, as per usual, and your writing just gets better and better! Eponine too though, she is just fabulous. I can't wait for more! :) Although something tells me the next chapter might be mixed or something (idk I'm like a seer)
9/11/2013 c8 robin daggers
I've read this chapter like a million times and fangirled about it to you so I'm not going to waste too much time rambling but as you know I think this is beautifully written, and the parts about depression seem well balanced and you got the tone and the character down really well as far as I can see (u know I'm not really in the fandom) and this is one of my favourite things you've written and Eponine's reaction is flawless, you know I ship them. I just love her screaming at him because she loves him and she needs him not to hurt himself and the guardian angel bit I just
9/11/2013 c7 robin daggers
Aw little baby lost his bangability :( awesome chapter, though courf is the star. Can he just have his own chapter a day in the life of courf featuring 'why was I not born in Amsterdam' and 'too sexy for my shirt more like too sexy for my pert booty' and getting caught by Jehan whilst singing along to 'I'm feeling sexy and free'
I think I made some good suggestions moving on :)
9/11/2013 c9 12mylittlelifedoesntcountatall
Omfg! I love this so much! You are such an amazing writer and everything is just so perfect and I love it so much! Please, please, please update soon!
8/19/2013 c8 EbonieCourfeyrac
Grantaire... What are we going to do with you!? My first review didn't post, sorry! I did read this when you first published it. Looking forward to seeing how they come back together.
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