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for The Higher Education of Brienne of Tarth

11/3 c1 Guest
This was too sweet and good, and I’m gonna tell you why. The biggest point is that I didn’t even watch the show (however, I’ve watched many, many clips on YouTube). I read the first three books, some of the fourth but stopped because school and yet I was hooked on this. Also, this AU was so cute. I will be coming back to reread this LOL
8/13/2018 c1 14Lord of Fleas
Tywin: Pulls out wallet and brings out five hundred dollars.
Tyrion: Takes money.
Tyrion: A pleasure betting with you father.
Tywin: Five hundred says their married before five years.
Tyrion: Five hundred says three.
Tywin: Deal, and DON'T tell your mother.
Tyrion: So long as you don't tell my wife, I won't tell yours.
And so, their father and son betting continued, or it was fruitful and fun to guess the fate of those they know. Shame they were right about Robert having a heart attack.
This was really good, and is a perfect slow-burn for a single chapter story. Grandios job frienderino!
8/20/2017 c1 MangoSunbeams
Thank you so much for writing this, it was oure fluffy love! It made a lot of sense for the characters as well. I kind of want you to continue *puppy dog eyes*
1/19/2017 c1 Guest
10/9/2016 c1 Parinia
7/2/2016 c1 Parinia
Loved the story
6/22/2016 c1 8BrightWatcher
Adorable. Really really enjoyed this!

Good luck with your writers muse!
6/11/2016 c1 6SixMagnitudeGirl
Sequel please :3 I would love Tyrion to tease them
11/16/2015 c1 Guest
really cool
8/28/2015 c1 51pinkish-red hearts
3 Daaawwwww! I'm still not sure if Brienne would've kissed him first under circumstances like this but well, this is AU and less of the grim world of GRRM XD Good job!
7/26/2015 c1 P
I loved it so much! Such an adorable story :3
6/1/2015 c1 11purplepam
That was amazing! I loved it! Great job!
5/29/2015 c1 2Alkestis
Lovely written, fun and sweet, love it...

BUT - NOT a drabble!
Sorry, I'm bit of a perfectionist and once I saw you marked it as a drabble in your note, I thought 'wait, isn't drabble supposed to be short?' And guess what - wikipedia says it is supposed to be short!
So... sorry for being a terrible reviewer and thanks for writing this story...
5/23/2015 c1 Jo
Awwwwww, they are too cute - I love them, great work!
11/28/2014 c1 Ragna01
Seven hells that was awesome! I hope all your drabbles are as long!
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