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for Naruto: Look to the Stars

9/22 c2 Guest
This story is giving me goosebumps and i fucking love it. Lovecraftian lore is awesome.
8/16 c2 Guest
it's a good story so far, but the fact that you use "devine" hurts me. So wrong!
This is so sad
5/21 c162 Aetherium21
Flashbacks to Saleon’s children
5/10 c19 BoredKing
What a horrid fighting style, and no I'm not even talking about the shoulder popping. Its so inefficient and overall bad that nobody, even with bullshit Chakra abilities and a healing factor, would use it. It would be more efficient to fight like a berserker and take every attack head on while attacking; you would keep the disconcerting effect plus being dear inducing.
1/5 c163 Guest
useless fic
1/3 c41 Guest
erase this useless pupet fic the author must like being a pupet
1/3 c28 Guest
useless fic again waistingvtime readingvthis fic read the comment first bfore u read its a pupet naruto dic useless fic
11/23/2021 c27 hanzohasashifan29
Xel: Jiraiya but not so caring
11/15/2021 c163 bloodaxe17202
I don't care you suck go burn in hell
8/18/2021 c2 edoabb
The last part was bad... It just seemed like he was bragging I mean it wasn't even related to a topic done in class, just trivia. Like if I read an interesting passage in a book and just repeat word for word later on to my friends, unless he is contributing to it with his own opinions or saying as to use it to argument a point it's kinda useless trivia.
8/6/2021 c32 beta tester beater
Brainiac is funny af
8/5/2021 c19 beta tester beater
I saw that he said MATE does that mean naruto will have a mate?
8/5/2021 c16 beta tester beater
Hinata doesn't respect his privacy that's a surprise naruto tells her not to worry about it she use her byakugan to look anyway no trust at all
8/5/2021 c14 beta tester beater
I like this
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