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for Cissie in wonderland

7/20/2018 c3 Hi
I think it's cool
11/27/2015 c9 Guest
I loved it! It was really cute!
6/30/2015 c9 Emily
I thought Roy might be the red queen she was the only one not mentioned so it had to be the red queen and I loved it well done and good job
8/1/2014 c9 Guest
hahhah that was cute/funny ladies and gentlemen we hope you have enjoyed our slightly messed up version of alice in wonderland LOL
12/28/2013 c7 Guest
Even though it was short it was still a entertaining. I *beeping* liked it.
10/21/2013 c6 3torianime246
Love the story...
9/12/2013 c5 1Tarqass
Are you kidding? This is the best chap so far!

I smell Red Arrow as Red Queen...
5/30/2013 c3 deletedoutofembarassment
is roy the march hare?
5/30/2013 c2 deletedoutofembarassment
ohmigawsh thats really ool
5/30/2013 c1 deletedoutofembarassment
whers's robin?
5/22/2013 c3 11luna.charm.3
Are you making this like the new Alice film then?
5/20/2013 c3 7arrowxtte
Heh i liked it! You had a few spelling/grammar mistakes but nothing too bad.

I really like the idea of this (especially since Cissie as Alice is the most adorable thought ever) and you're doing an awesome job at writing this so far, just fix those few little problems (read over it a couple times) add a tiny bit more detail and this story will be perfect!

As for guessing who Roy is..I'm thinking Roy might be the Red Queen. That whlould be3 amazingly funny to read. Update soon (:
5/9/2013 c2 arrowxtte
It's an interesting idea! I really love the idea/plot of this so far and I'm hoping to see more soon (:

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