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6/7/2014 c42 Mughees
That Was A Really Sweet Moment When Gwen Talked With Elijah..I Really Wish Gwen Can Live A Good Life..The Sierra/DJ Interaction Was Great And I Loved DJ Throughout The Whole Chapter...I Wonder What Chef Hatchet Was Doing During This Time? It Was A Really Surprising Twist When Blaineley Blackmailed Everyone And Soon They Found Her Dead! I'm Pretty Sure Chris Had Something To Do With It...I Would Hate To Be Noah Or Courtney Or Sierra Right Now..The Sierra/Courtney Interaction Was Great..Cody Got What He Deserved And I Hope LeShawna Never Takes Him Back...I Feel Sorry For Mariah Though.
6/6/2014 c42 46GreenPokeGuy
Well, I guess it's good that LeShawna threw Cody out, but poor Mariah. That would be hard on her.

DJ is so nice. I hope he doesn't get caught up in anything. :(

What?! Blaineley's dead!? I wonder what happened? And what will happen with her out of the picture?

I think it was sweet when Gwen talked to Elijah. I really think Gwen's starting to turn her life around, and I'm glad. :)

Can't wait to see what the police have to say. I assume that they think both Sierra and Courtney have motives to murder her. I wonder if anyone else will be involved?

6/6/2014 c42 1newromantic13
OMG I did not see that coming! Plz update soon!
6/6/2014 c42 2Major Monty the Straw Vulcan
Blainley blackmailed everybody then died?!
Not now Orville! But seriously, that came out of nowhere! As for Gwen and Elijah, jeez. You're breaking my heart, man. You're braking my heart.
6/6/2014 c42 SargentEpsilon
Mildred had it coming for all the trouble she stirred up. And judging by what's been typed, it seems pretty clear that Sierra had absolutely no part in Mildred's death. Hopefully, it won't take too much trouble to convince the cops of this. Then Sierra can leave and move on to continue the life with DJ she's been trying to make work. But something's bugging me. What part did Cody have in Duncan biting the dust? I know Courtney and Gwen did the deed before making Noah and Sierra help them clean up. But I don't remember Cody having any part in it.
6/6/2014 c42 23Pepe's Red-Eyed Cousin
This fic is a never ending roller coaster of plot twists and turns. First Trent dies, then Duncan, then Momma DJ and now Blaineley is also dead. Hard to believe that just a few paragraphs ago the bitch was blackmailing Cody, Courtney, Gwen, Noah and Sierra. I wonder what happened to her, :)

Finally LeShawna threw Cody out of the house. Of COURSE Cody blames Sierra for this. What a jackass. DJ is very good with Elijah, and so is Gwen. That moment between Gwen and Elijah was very poignant... to bad Courtney is not very good with Elijah.

Keep up the good work.
6/6/2014 c42 Tommiboy
Is this a plot twist, wow i never expected Blaineley die soon o.o
So that means someone else was tracking Blaineley... and also tracking some of the ex-campers ohmygod this was so unnexpected...
6/6/2014 c42 14KayDeeDee
Woah! Twist ending there! Can't wait to find out what happens next
6/1/2014 c17 3FlowerBlooms
Trent killed himself!? I would never expected that but I guess it was hard for him to put up with Gwen not loving him until now.

Awwww Cody has feelings for Sierra and Sierra is falling in love with him again X3
5/24/2014 c3 8insertnamehere21
This is excellent so far. Im sick of those YouTube predictions where the cast are married to their original pairings and living in paradise. This is far more realistic, and that's what makes it great
5/23/2014 c41 75Ways
That was awesome! I'm so hating Cody and I think that he deserves whatever's coming to him in the next chapter. Staci was hilarious and I couldn't help but laugh my ass off. As for Gwen, I'm happy to see her happy again, she's gone through a ton of abuse in both the show and your story (let's not forget how much All Stars wrecked her character.) Can't wait to see what happens next.
5/21/2014 c41 1the-new-face-in-town
Hey, so sorry I didn't review on the previous chapters, I got lazy and I was just so excited about reading the next chapter. So when I finished reading this chapter, I was so shocked and disappointed that there wasn't a 'next' button. This story was just so great.

I've gotten many notifications about this story. I wasn't really interested in reading it but when I saw that you were ready on chapter 41, I just thought 'I might as well read it now before there's another update.' And let me tell you, it's not at all what I expected.

ITS WAY BETTER! Great job. I can't wait for the update.
5/19/2014 c41 Mughees
Chef Hatchet was really hilarious and Blaineley is really clever at the gossip stuff..I also completely loved the way Sierra dissed Cody and I can't wait to see how LeShawna reacts...The Sierra/DJ/Gwen Interaction is the one I absolutely loved the most in this chapter..Nice inclusion of Staci.
5/18/2014 c41 46GreenPokeGuy
Chef's a right nuisance, huh? :/

I like the Sierra/DJ interaction, it's nice. :)

Why does Cody have to be such a loser? He seriously needs to leave Sierra alone. Too bad he's taken it too far and now Sierra's written what she has. I wonder what will happen there?

I'm glad Gwen's finally got something stable to do. As long as she keeps doing well, working at the diner will be good for her. :)

Loved the Staci cameo. I would love to know how she got to be a librarian. :P

Blaineley's said she'd leave Sierra alone after some dirt on Cody, but I feel like that's not the case. I hope she does... Sierra doesn't deserve it.

Excellent chapter. Keep up the good work! I always love your fics. :D

5/18/2014 c41 14KayDeeDee
Haza! In ya face Cody! :D
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