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3/21/2014 c37 21Pepe's Red-Eyed Cousin
Cody, DJ's momma and Beth are insane! I can't blame LeShawna for jumping to conclusions but hopefully things will work out. Cody is such a selfish asshole and he needs a reality check.

DJ's momma is the very definition of a helicopter parent. Insane, controlling and having high expectations. If she clearly thinks her son will marry a British princess, duchess or whatever, she's in for a shock. Though DJ not kissing Sierra, I have a feeling things are not looking good.

Beth has officially overtaken Justin as the worst character in this fic. Gwen and Harold need to get the DNA results and send it to Beth, but knowing Beth, we'll have to wait and see. Beth is a psychopath and I've been seeing the hints since TDA. Psychopaths have no empathy and apparently Beth just broke into a hospital ward to terrorise a woman who's just given birth. That is just dark and twisted and I loved every minute of it!

Keep up the good work!
3/21/2014 c37 8PinkieScootalooSweetieDash
this is a prefect story so far.
3/21/2014 c37 Mughees
I think I feel sorry for Sierra,Gwen and Courtney A Little...Cody's a plain jerk and I hope LeShawna believes Sierra soon enough...I also think DJ shouldn't break up with Sierra and that he should stand up to his Mother...I also think Beth and the whole world will soon find out about Duncan and what happened to him...And thats going to be bad..Its a good thing Courtney is finally getting along with everyone.
3/21/2014 c37 20Fenghuang0296
Heh. DJ? Royalty? Yeah, right. Even so, apparently Leshawna doesn't believe Sierra, so what happens when she finds out from Cody? And man, this is getting confusing.
3/20/2014 c37 46GreenPokeGuy
Oh my gosh, the drama keeps starting up! Next thing you know, Geoff or Bridgette or even Sadie will find Sierra and complain about some problem. Lol :P

LeShawna, it's been 10 years. You'd think she'd know that Sierra would get over Cody after 10 years. I think she's being stupid. And so's Cody. How could he just cheat on her like that?

DJ's mamma's being stubborn, too. How the heck could DJ marry a princess? What a stupid woman. And is DJ having second thoughts?

And now Beth's shown up again? Why can't she get that Duncan don't want her anymore? :P

Elijah Duncan, huh? Glad to see that Courtney still has a heart in there. :P

Really enjoying this. :)

3/9/2014 c36 31JShark419
This was an amazing chapter. Looking forward to more.
3/9/2014 c35 JShark419
This was definitely a very important chapter. Especially with Gwen at the end. I wonder what will play out from here.
3/9/2014 c34 JShark419
So excited for more.
3/9/2014 c33 JShark419
I'm excited for the Mal/Sierra adventure. I agree that Mal is probably the scariest person on the TD roster.
3/9/2014 c32 JShark419
Mike and Zoey are here. Yay. Can't wait to see what they talk about.
3/9/2014 c31 JShark419
I hope that DJ and Sierra are good for each other. As for Mo, I'm left in the darkness without any clue.
3/9/2014 c36 47TheQueenofBooks1000
Damn, I feel bad for that little boy! Having Courtney as a mom would be a nightmare. Then again, being the child of Harold and Gwen doesn't sound that good either. Poor Elijah. :/

Blaineley's horror movie appearance made me chuckle. I can't believe that after all that happened, she still wants Sierra to write articles. And now Sierra's going to exploit Alejandro and Heather's awful life. Yikes. :/

Please update soon! :)
3/9/2014 c35 TheQueenofBooks1000
Once again, I have to ask: Why do I always miss updates? :O

LOL, the labor and birthing scene of Gwen was hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing, especially when everyone was screaming at each other and Harold randomly popping out of nowhere. XD

It's a boy, huh? I guess that's still pretty cool, though good ol' Court probably won't be happy. And even if Gwen's been a total bitch, I feel bad that she has to lose her kid. :/

Nice chapter! :)
3/8/2014 c30 31JShark419
I am looking forward to more. Especially with the details Sierra will learn from the other contestants.
3/8/2014 c28 JShark419
DJ and Sierra would make a great couple. DJ is one of the most kind of them all.
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