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4/25/2015 c55 Zoey101fan3600
pretty good chapter...i like evil Noah it kinda hot
4/24/2015 c55 37Applauze
So nice to see this updated. I really enjoyed the chapter and you are so close to 800 reviews and I believe that you will get those reviews in no time.

So Courtney is still the snobby person that she always was. It's typical of her but with what you wrote about Mal, she might not be living for long.

So Noah and Mal actually worked together? I think I might have a theory as to what happens but I'll wait before telling it.

Eva and Scott is actually a good couple together and I love how you wrote them together. I hope you include more scenes over them soon since I greatly enjoyed their interactions.

This was a good chapter, Brittany! So nice to read this story again and my excitement is built up. Until next chapter!

4/24/2015 c55 SargentEpsilon
That went about as well as it could. And for a brief bit, the conversation between Courtney and Gwen made me think there was still some humanity in this version of Courtney. I wonder if that will develop into something more later on.
4/24/2015 c55 25Invader Cole
Despite it being filler, it was still entertaining and I'm glad I caught up. I expected more from the Mal meets Noah seen, but these is alright. Anyway…I noticed you've really been trying to get your readers to hate Courtney. Just speaking the truth, because it's Courtney I can never hate her despite all the things she does. She is by far the best character to me. I was hoping for some Gwentney but it looks like that's dead.

Noah however is a different story. He's just a little "men" to me in this story. I'm just waiting for Mal or Sierra to kill this guy already.

Finally, Ezekiel defiantly owes my girl Heather some money. She didn't go through all that crap in World Tour for nothing.
2/20/2015 c54 37Applauze
This sounds like a messed up holiday already. I sure would hate to be Sierra right now, having to deal with all of this.

So Dawn might know something? I wonder what she knows and what will happen if she spills the beans.

It's bad enough that AleHeather is here but now, Courtney and soon to be Noah, is staying with them. Do I want to find out what happens next?

2/20/2015 c54 25Pepe's Red-Eyed Cousin
Sounds like an awesome night. Well, except for Sierra.

Apparently, Cody still doesn't know his boundaries. Maybe he never will. I wonder if he's gotten over Gwen. Or Lindsay. It has been mentioned here that he pretended to be Tyler once. :) It's good to see that Geoff is getting back on track and Bridgette is finding happiness again. Zoey and DJ is still oblivious and I am wondering when "Mike" is going to unleash.

Now Alejandro and Heather are here. They are going to cause so much shit. Just as well they didn't bring the kids. But now Courtney is here and Noah will be tagging along later this evening. Ya, I'd go with Alejandro and Heather, along with their droppings any day. I can't imagine a situation where "Mike" is in the same room as Courtney and Noah. Seems ugly and even more riveting.

As usual, I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
2/20/2015 c54 SargentEpsilon
Getting a bit crowded in here. Still, doesn't exactly leave much room for the more dangerous 'guests' to cause trouble.
2/19/2015 c54 46GreenPokeGuy
That is one crowded house. LOL

There's definitely going to be a lot of tension, with Courtney and Noah staying over as well. And now that I think about it, if Dawn finds out things it mightn't be very good for her.

I'd say that I hope nothing bad happens but everyone and their mother knows something's gonna go down. I just wonder what. It'll probably involve any or all of Noah, Courtney and Mal, though.

Can't wait to see what happens next. :D

2/19/2015 c53 37Applauze
This is gonig to be one funeral to remember if all of the cast is going to come back again. Again, this will end badly since the reunion was a disaster, well from Sierra's perspective.

I wonder what Mal's new plan is and what will Courtney do next. Also, happy 740th review! You deserved it!

2/19/2015 c52 Applauze
Well, Sierra trusts Mal? I never expected that to happen.

Poor DJ. He lost Chef and the dinner. Suffering from a double whammy. I hope that nonething else bad will happen to him since I can hunch a breakdown coming soon.

2/19/2015 c49 Applauze
God, Noah is so cold hearted. His heart must be a huge black hole since he doesn't care about no one. Maybe karma will come along and give him a dose of his own rudeness.

So Beth has return again and wants Duncan back? Wonder what will happen this time. So hard to believe that I'm almost caught up.

2/19/2015 c48 Applauze
Holy Shit! (don't know if I'm allowed to swear in reviews) Noah killed Trent? Damn, that's the biggest bombshell to date and that sunk in big time.

I can't even describe it right now. I'm so stunned by this.

2/19/2015 c47 Applauze
I love the Chef and Izzy interactions. They were comedian gold and I laughed so hard. XD

Sierra and LeShawna are friends? That's amazing and I could never picture that happening but I can go with the flow and you've done an amazing job with that.

So Mal wants to see Sierra again? Wonder what he wants this time.

2/19/2015 c46 Applauze
Maybe Noah and Courtney are lovers? That might sound dumb to you but it's a shot. I love that Sierra and DJ are engaged. I like them two together, now thanks to you.

So the walls might be closing in on them? I wonder how it will go and I apologize for the shortness of some reviews but sometimes, less is more. It still doesn't take away from the overall view of the story, which is amazing!

2/19/2015 c45 Applauze
Cody needs to get his head out of the clouds and face reality. If LeShawna doesn't want him, LeShawna doesn't want him.

So Dave is now on the picture and he's like an assistant to Courtney? Wow and I wish him luck scrubbing that stain up. Now that Noah's coming into the picture, what will happen next.

I loved the Sierra and DJ flirting. It would be awesome if they were a real couple.

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