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2/19/2015 c44 37Applauze
So I just went from Courtney's version to Gwen's version and to be honest, I don't know which one to believe. They both are different and I'm stuck in the middle.

So glad that LeShawna and Sierra made up. I'm so happy for the two of them.

2/19/2015 c43 Applauze
Your filter chapter was quite good. The flash back to Courtney and Duncan was quite touching to confess. I will admit that for once, your writing has gave me a soft spot for Courtney.

Why would Josh report Blaineley. I think that he killed her and is tying to find someone to hide his guilt.

So LeShawna want's to talk to Sierra. I wonder how that will go. Can't wait to see what happens next.

2/19/2015 c42 Applauze
I laughed so hard when LeShawna threw Cody out. Serves him right for trying to cheat on her and for trying to take Sierra. That made my day so much better.

So Blaineley wanted to blackmail the contestants, only to find out that she's dead. I'm curious as to who killed her and why. I have a hunch who it might be but I'm not spilling those beans just yet.

2/19/2015 c41 Applauze
I can tell that living with Chef will end badly. At least Gwen and Sierra made up, so that's a positive.

I liked that little camo done by Staci and Sierra finally did the right thing by writing that article. When LeShawna reads it, Cody will be living in hell, which I think is going to be hilarious.

2/19/2015 c40 Applauze
I feel sorry for DJ, losing his momma. I know that I would cry if I lost my momma since I will confess that I'm a momma's boy and I'm quite proud of it.

So Sierra must live with Chef now? This is going to be intestering. I've heard of the Chef being DJ's dad from you and Red. To confess, the theory does make sence and I can actually see it, which doesn't happen quite often with me.

2/19/2015 c38 Applauze
What's Cody's problem. Can't he get it through his head that Sierra doesn't want him.

Alejandro and Heather are a bunch of messed up people. I'm sure glad that I'm not within their shoes. They seem to be nuts based on what other people have said within the reviews.

So Sierra's gonna help Courtney raise a baby? Do I even want to know what happen's next. Yes, I do.

2/19/2015 c36 Applauze
I had to skip three chapters since I alread left reviews on them and omg... They were terrible! That was before I learned how to properly leave reviews.

So Courtney's baby is a boy? Guess not all things come true. Sucks for her since all of her dreams have just went down the drain. Blaineley is also getting a little too close for comfort. Something's telling me that she won't last and when I publish my kingdom story, like you suggested to me in August of 2014, Blaineley is going to play a huge roll. I can't wait to see what you think of her when she's a kinder yet ruthless petticoat tyrant.

2/19/2015 c32 Applauze
So now Zoey has been introduced? Something's telling me that she won't have a big roll in this story. Not to mention the fact that Mike's in jail. Why do I have another feeling that a huge bombshell is about to come out into the open.

2/19/2015 c31 Applauze
Wow! So Courtney is not the innocent girl that I thought she was. You sure know how to make bombshells and I was quite pleased with this. I'm on the edge of my seat now, dying to know what happens next. This stuff is getting real and I'm enjoying this.

2/19/2015 c30 Applauze
Blaineley! That's who I think Mo is. I'm sure of it but hopefully, by next chapter, it will be reveled.

Dang, Mo sure has some dirt on the contestants. She's good, a little bit too good. At least Sierra has a job now so that's a plus. That information over Gwen was shocking. I wonder how many other files there are over the contestants. If this was a movie, this would win an Oscar for a lot of things.

2/19/2015 c29 Applauze
Turns out that I reviewed Chapter 28 in December 2013 with the word 'Awesome!' I wish I can go back and change it but it's alright, I'm just filling in the missing gaps. That review was made long before I wrote out my usual lengthy reviews.

So Sierra's fired and Malcolm hates her. Mo is one wicked woman. She sure knows how to get her sources and I might know who Mo is but I'll read some more before I make a final decision.

2/19/2015 c27 Applauze
Finally! Justin got what he deserved. I've been waiting for that for quite a while now. Zeke and Geoff are still your average party boys.

So Gwen is having an auction over Trent's stuff. Why would she do that and does she want to take a chance and have them exposed? This is getting good. I can't wait to see what happens next.

2/19/2015 c26 Applauze
Sierra did the right thing by shoving Justin into that pool. Serves him right, the arrogant ass.

So Malcolm is wanting Sierra to hurry up with that article. I wonder what she will type up and I'm curious to see who Mo is now. I'd heard about her before but Imjust can't put my finger on who she is.

Cody still wants Sierra and Bridgette finally left Larry. This was a very good chapter and I enjoyed it very much.

2/19/2015 c25 Applauze
So they've parted ways. Maybe Sierra can get that article done and go back to LA. I jumped for joy when I found out that LeShawna's pregnant. I wonder if that will play a huge factor within the story.

What does Justin want from Sierra and why? What's so special about her?

2/19/2015 c24 Applauze
This whole chapter made me cringe. The picture in my head of Duncan's dead body and what they did with it just sent shivers down my spine.

It was nice for you to include that Sadie spot, it was a relief from the horror's of having to cut a body to pieces. I enjoyed it but I still have chills down my spine.

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