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2/19/2015 c23 37Applauze
I can't even look at the food from the show again after what you wrote about it. Is it bad that I'm thinking of so much possibilities with that idea right now?

The reunion turned out what I expected it to be. A disaster waiting to happen.

So Duncan's dead from Gwen and Courtney?! Wow, that was a plot twist in the making. You sure suprized the socks out of me and now, Noah, Cody and Sierra are accomplices? This must end the first act of the story and the second act is starting... now.

2/19/2015 c22 Applauze
Dang it, I was hoping for a more destructive catfight. I had my hopes up but I have a hunch that it might happen latter.

God, Justin's so arrogant. Although he's a jerk, I give you credit for writing him so well. Prompts to that.

Heather's there and Sierra likes the idea? That's not bad since I would be relieved if someone like that drove the nuthouse away.

2/19/2015 c21 Applauze
I guess that Malcolm is backing Sierra into a corner. Hope she doesn't snap anytime soon but with these people, that might not be possible.

So Katie and Brick are married? I like the pairing but I still have a hunch that Katie and Noah were once married but I might be wrong. Cody loves Sierra despite the fact that she left him 10 years ago and he's married to LeShawna?! Dang, he's messed up.

Than Courtney storms in and stays with Sierra. She's so demanding and pushy. This will end badly for either Sierra or Gwen.

2/19/2015 c20 Applauze
Lindsay as a waitress for Hooter's? How did she get the job and at the same time, how does she still have the job if she's not the brightest tool in the shed.

So Izzy's still nut chick 2.0 and Kate has now entered the picture. I don't know why but I have a hunch that she and Noah married since she has twins and he father's twins.

Scott and Eva? That's a couple I never saw coming. Guess odd romances are possible and something's never change, even after ten years.

2/18/2015 c19 Applauze
So Sierra wants Noah and Cody to be together? Maybe NoCo might happen on here.

Justin's a bigger ass than Noah. Blackmailing someone into making you popular hurts you more than benefits you. It's nice to see that Geoff and Zeke has the reunion under control.

Who doesn't know what Hooters is? XD

2/18/2015 c18 Applauze
I feel sorry for Gwen, who might have lost her last chance of happiness. She's going to have a hard time ahead of her.

Owen and Justin?! Dang, that's a odd relationship that K never expected to happen. You sure know how to suprize people and I was blown away by that.

Gwen and Sierra becoming friends? I never expected that and she does need moral support. Two more chapters and I'm done for tonight.

2/18/2015 c17 Applauze
Those Coderra feels were there but Sierra made the right choice by rejecting Cody. I wouldn't want to mess with LeShawna.

So Justin is now in the picture and I laughed when I realized that I was in this story, name wise (aka: Josh) and that Justin was still his obnoxious self.

Trent's dead. I like him but I'm not upset over it. Now if Dawn or LeShawna was dead, than I'd be upset.

2/18/2015 c16 Applauze
Wow, Alejandro wants to take Sierra and make her his instead of Heather's? What's wrong with him?

I can sense that Sierra's mom might make one more apperence within the story. It felt good going down memory lane and it's good to open up the past. I wonder what Sierra will do next.

2/18/2015 c15 Applauze
Chrisney is not as weird as that dream you just wrote. I have seen messed up stuff on here but nothing like that dream. I would rather read Chrisney than to read that dream again, please.

Courtney has reached an ultimate low and I'm now kinda disliking her since who takes a away from their parents due to revenge? That's low, even for her standards.

Noah is still the asshole who won't release Trent and now, Alejandro has arrived. I wonder where this will go next! I can't wait to find out.

2/18/2015 c14 Applauze
Sierra's mom must really like Chris and Chef a lot if she wants to hang out with them for a whole night. Lord knows what they'll do..

The flashback was very touching. I actually got raw and emotional reading it. It almost made me cry since you took those feelings and made it possible. I wish you can do a responce to reviews again soon.

Courtney's gonna adopt the baby? Why would she want Gwen and Harold's baby and why her?

2/18/2015 c13 Applauze
Noah can be such an ass sometimes. He's so unpredictable and sneaky. Something's telling me that he's going to have a main presence all though out this story.

Wow, Sierra's mom is a huge nutcake. She's even than crazier than Sierra and she's a nutty person yet not as nutty as Izzy.

Dang, things will not end well for Beth and Gwen. I wouldn't blame Sierra for leaving since I wouldn't want to stay for that catfight. You did such an awesome job with that curve ball.

2/18/2015 c12 Applauze
Courtney is sure clever enough to destroy any chances of Gwen getting happiness. She can be cold hearted but you write her so well and not too many people can do that.

You write so well, your method of doing a story impresses me and to confess, you rubbed off since now, I open a word document and just go with the flo and I think my writing owes you a great big: Thank You!

I enjoyed this chapter. Can't wait to see what happens next.

2/16/2015 c1 WIWAP
Well, LOL because it took me this long to read this xDD

I really like it so far, but i'm braing myself for the WTFness, lol.

Malcom seems like a dick head and I really hope Sierra gets her promotion.

Excited to see what happens with her and DJ! Good job so far, I like it.
2/15/2015 c11 Applauze
Ten years sure doesn't change a guy like Chris. He's still up to no good and I love how you described his life.

So close but yet so far from that material Sierra! You got to try harder to uncover the truth. At least LeShawna done a sane thing and dragged Sierra out of there before things got nasty.

Harold?! I was so not expecting that to be the baby's father and I cringed when I thought of that since I wanted Noah to be the father so badly and Courtney sure knows her way around the law. This means that things will end badly for Gwen.

2/15/2015 c10 Applauze
Dang, Courtney is one messed up person and it's getting good. I am always wanting to read more, to figure out what happens next.

So Sadie has made a small appearance. I don't see her showing her quite often in the story and LeShawna, Sierra and Bridgette taking a road trip? This will end badly for someone.

Also, Beth has a connection to Beth and I wonder if she'll appear later on down the road. This is quickly turning into a huge favorite of mine.

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