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6/7/2013 c10 5cowherderess
Aww this was lovely. I liked especially the part about "tu me manques" vs "I miss you." And then of course what happened just after :) And that they're so happy now. I'm glad Henry approves!
6/7/2013 c10 eyeon
What a wonderful romantic chapter! I think Henry can totally trust Matthew, but Mary. . .

While I'm looking forward to the "happily ever after", I hope we still have some drama left to go, as I can't face the end of this enchanting story!
6/7/2013 c10 Guest
Amazing, please keep writing!
6/6/2013 c10 dribsndrabs
Oh, first loves! So awkward until the confidence of being loved by someone who has chosen you for you, and above all others. I'm glad Mary finally talked with Matthew, although I doubt she could ever really be too late...

The 'tu me manques' translation conversation was utterly beautiful. A lesson in linguistics, a lesson in love. Completely appropriate with the Mary/Matthew background and again, fantastically poetic. "Me too" though - really! Oh, first loves.

Applause also for Cora's COMPLETELY AMERICAN greeting of Mary upon her return from France. Have you hidden in a closet at the home of one of my relatives? If not a closet, perhaps the pantry? Cora's "request" of Henry also induced a smirk from me, as did Henry's response. You've created a great brother and a great friend.

Hope you and yours are safe with the flooding.
6/6/2013 c10 downtonlove
Perfect! Love this!
6/6/2013 c10 Audrey C
Enjoyed this so much. I am guessing that Cora will try to derail things but I just hope that you give Mary and Matthew a happy ending without too much devastation before hand. That's all I ask. I really like your character Henry too. What a nice brother to have!
6/6/2013 c10 Guest
Hopefully the flooding will soon subside. Pray all is well. Enjoy your 4am ranting.
6/6/2013 c10 x-x-abi-x-x
Loved this chapter! Glad Mary finally admitted her feelings to Matthew :)
Please update more soon xx
6/6/2013 c10 fanaticdA
6/6/2013 c10 It'smeeeee
AWWWWWWW it's adorable! Very well constructed. I love the increase in letters. But... Wait was that the end!?
6/6/2013 c10 jmu
Beautiful! A thoroughly satisfying chapter... my heart feels so light right now, a big smile is on my face for our sweet, young, happy, in love Matthew and Mary! Thank you. Please continue to travel safely!
6/6/2013 c10 Guest
Hope they will continue to be together ! Love them as a couple and can't wait for next chapter !
6/6/2013 c10 85Lala Kate
So very sweet and beautiful! Young romance at its best, I must say. Yet the fact that they already know each other so well adds an immense depth of feeling that goes far beyond simple infatuation. I am excited to see how you continue this story, suspicious that there will be obstacles for them to face as time progresses. Well done, as always.
6/6/2013 c10 luvgoround
Since I only discovered this story the other day and finished ch 9 this morning, I was delightfully surprised to see ch 10 posted - Eeep! I do hope Mary & Matthew can steal away for some - shall we say - more intimate alone time without Henry watching them or Cora always on the prowl. Really enjoyed this chapter and I look forward to see how their romance is going to blossom - I know your story is a T-rating, but could you possibly move it up a notch to an M in a chapter?
6/6/2013 c10 virtualclutter
I've been following this fic for a little while now, and I just thought I'd leave a note to say how much I've been enjoying it. It's such a sweet story, and I really enjoy your writing style. Thank you for posting, even while travelling, and I'll look forward to the next chapter, whenever it may arrive. :)
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