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6/27/2013 c2 Rickjames196
Finally time to read chapter two. Hahah sakura stepping her game up, poor hina being left behind again. Aww he not wearing poor samehada Y.Y Doesn't samehada need him as a constant food supply? Nice it was his mum and sis not just his mum. Hahah Naruko went brain dead while looking at him. OH gawd I love what you did to the raijin no ken, considering all the other legendary swords, just becoming a crappy version of a lightsaver really didn't make it special. Now its a whole different story hahaa. Xd he can order the anbus, what a bad ass. Why is he so calm, he knew bout them before? Yay he didn't forget bout samehada. Bwhahah fem samehada oh god, only read that like once, so awesome. So kyu told him she a well a she? Dang so much happened after the end of chapter one and the start of chapter two . Hhaah so cute, he saved kono. Xd sasgay is such an idjit was gonna throw a rock after the conflict was over . Bwhaha oh god gaara been pranking suna for ages. Lulz poor ino only got mentioned twice and had no lines. Hahah fail inoichi would never do that, that's his princess, he'd mind fuck everyone if he had to. Poor omoi got replaced, xD nibi ain't afraid she wants him. And he knows kurotsuchi nice, did he go to iwa on his training trip? Soon he will have the ass cutter too. Or maybe give that one to anko as a gift. Once they together of course, no need to help people outside of his clan, they never helped him. Hahaha ten ten having an orgasm, samehada is too sexy. Wonder what happened to haku and zabuzabu, in fics where he has a clan home they usually move in with him. Hhaha he whacked a sasgay with samehada. Wonder how he knows team gai, didn't he just get back? Met em outside konoha? OOH snap auto mokuton, hashirama got nothing on him. Aww he didn't soul suck kabuto. Coulda gotten rid of that bitch right there. Hahaha nibi gonna come out and play. Oh god fu is in the exams too. Karin prob gonna stalk his ass too. If samehada wants his chakra, you know she'd wanna be near him. Holy crap bijuus got the power to tell the size of dude's junk xD. Oh snap han and roshi are in konoha, whorochi ain't gonna invade, most of the jinchuriki are in konoha, and clearly have history with Naruto. I wonder if Naruto saved yagura. Kinda sad he always dies considering he was just being mind fucked... Hhaha kakashi seen samehada's human form, Dang hope tsunade still has a shot at him. She needa show her gambling ass soon. Kyhaha some of the bijuus didn't know kyu was a girl. Ohhh hachibi is a girl, perfect for kirabi. And gobi too lucky ass han. Some family they are, didn't know some were girls ahaha. Oh sanbi was there, so yagura is alive? Lulz poor them, most bijuus are girls, they so fucked. Lulz sakura turned into such a freak. Oh god he made the quiters his bitches. Awww poor boy jinchurikis not gonna get themselves some bijuu honnies. I feel bad cuz of bee, hachibi is the only one I see being able to stand him lulz. Also how is sanbi there, unless they can talk from far away? And then where is rokubi? It's missing. Hina gotta stop with the glaring shit, friggin cock blocker, anko would destroy her. Lulz he already tamed the jungle? Bad ass. And samehada massaging him while giant tigers lay around, just paints a bad ass picture ahaha. Nice he can summon kyu. Hhaha overpowered raikiri. Nice shibiki hitched her to Naruto xD. Oh god he removed his sharingan, that's always bad ass. Aww damn bitches didn't let him off sasgay. Watch them get kidnapped and become sasgay's play things. Then they gonna wish they had. Nice he can remove the curse seal, does anko know? Nice Karin stalked his ass in the forest. Score and yuya too. Hhaah Karin had the same seal. Woohoo foursome xd. Hhaahah kushi can kick all the swordsmen's asses. Aww he removed neji's seal, nice. Aww the guy bijuus didn't wanna come out? Rude ass niggas taking his hoes away. Oh that's nice starting it from there. Hahaha tsuchikage taught him dust release. Naruto so gonna bring dei dei back to onoki. Nice he got goku's weighted shirt ahaha. So raikiri can't pierce his skin? chidori and raikiri are A rank. Hhaaha messing with the kiri nins by summoning samehada. Aww he only turned it off he didn't seal his bloodline. Lulz pimpslap no jutsu. Wonder when sasgay stole chidori. Xd akamaru didn't fight with kibbles. Oh god he a fox sage too haaha. Did Naruto summon their spirits or sarutobi saw them cuz Naruto was using hashirama's move? Mokuton plus hiraishin OVER KILL! I LOVE IT kyhahaa. Rude much what bout his uzu nami name. Lulz he knows whorochi is there. He was gonna use an uzumaki as a sacrifice? What an idjit. Hahah whorochi gave himself away what an idjit. Hhaha Naruto taught hina lariat. Lulz he knows pain and konan, and obito too. Psh Naruto is stronger than his senseis, their enemies wouldn't mess with him. Jeez are all his swords lightning swords? ahaha. Awww so cute, he gonna get rid of kenshin's enemies. Nice going against kimi's sister Xd. Omfg no why ugh... you ruined this fic for me. Tsunade for me is like hina with Naruto or no one else Y.Y dammit all. I was enjoying this so much Y.Y Oh wells lemme finish reading this chapter. Lulz everyone is peeping on him. Lulz even shika's mum is there. Dang loser ran away ahaha. When he wasn't looking my ass, he was the one that showed them. OH god Mei helped them rape him ahaha. Hahaha he barricaded himself in the hyuuga compound. I think him facing kenshins past enemies is a good idea, I mean kenshin has way too many since he won't kill. Psh rookie my ass, this fic is awesome, I'll see if you have any with no jirxtsu Y.Y
6/26/2013 c2 Alex2909
awesome lemons, look forward to more. like how the story is coming along, wonder when he will rescue tayuya
6/26/2013 c2 daniel 29
this was an interesting and funny chapter
6/26/2013 c1 daniel 29
This more of a realistic but godly naruto in the sense of he understands the basics of the ninja chain of command but is also very powerful
6/26/2013 c2 Redripper666
it need alot of of work but i the idea is good in it is pretty fun u just need some one to clean it up maybe be a beta would be a good idea to find gl
6/26/2013 c2 2te.nellis
Cool chapter lol naruto should just give them what they want and not runaway from the women
6/26/2013 c2 cerxer1
this chapter was awesome, especially the Pimpslap no Jutsu was fucking priceless.
6/26/2013 c1 Rickjames196
Ohh narukenshin cross. Only read like one good one and it was abandoned after like 8 chapters... Lets give this a go. Hhaah he a senju too dang, and gonna give all that to become the new kenshin? Better not kill kenshin if he does xD. Hhaha punched that bitch in the nose. He shoulda killed em, zabuzabu woulda had nothing on him. Psh fuck that, they shoulda just taken Naruto. Does sarutobi know them? He being awfully chatty and giving away info. Woohoo time skip. 4'3 didn't he leave at like 4 years old? Holy shit he was a giant... I think. Gaaah he called iruka big sister lulz. Holy crap eternal rinnegan haaha. Hhaha hina was crushing on him before he left, daaaaang. Hey they were only four so he got nothing to be ashamed bout. Be weird if he did know she was crushing back then. Awww Naruto saved her mum, how sweet. Childish hanabi, that's a first. She usually fem neji or sasgay or a brat. Holy shit he such a bad ass, so many clones xD. Wait he wanna make it so he can be in kyuubi mode for a month but can already stay active for 4 to 9 weeks which is like 2 month? Or did he mean 4 to 9 days? How did he learn all them jutsus I love kenshin and them, but they are samurais. Or are they super ninjas in this fic? He should learn healing from tsunade if his control is so good. Does kyu still make his chakra poisonous though? Hahaha sarutobi found min min's notes about beating paperwork. Damn minato took Naruto's bargaining chip. Nice, he can summon dragons? Hahah dust release? I thought jinton was swift release though . What is swift release then gaaah. lemme go check. Oh I was right it just shares same romanji, which is jinton. Weird ass Japanese language . Hhaha so cute he has a dark sadistic side, anko so gonna want him. Nature chakra so he a dragon sage? That's one way to make more dragons, better than turning into a toad. Wonder if he killed tobi and pain for the eternal mangekyo. Hiashi, why he called Naruto his grandson? Hahah tsume is on Naruto's side. Eww is that the name of the absorbing thing rinnegan does. Aww what bout kurenai, now she only have a 2 man squad. Lucky shino gets two eye candies on his team hahaa. Hahah he can do miya's hanya thing using kyu. Oh god sakura's mum is on his side. I only read that like once or twice and one was an awesome lemon ahahaha. Oh man if sakura's mum has a shot at a harem spot, does this mean, tsunade can be a candidate? Naruxtsu is my fav, I always ask for her if there is a harem. A guy can dream ya know Xd. Hhaha he winked at her. Hhaah fem kyu awww she been looking for a mate, so sad, she been sealed into girls since like forever. Hahah he bitch slapped the fireball back to him, bad ass. Lulz he made the lion's barrage. He needa make some fox moves. I never seen that happen. The only fox move I remember ever reading is kakashi lighting dogs made to be foxes and that's bout it. Xd chillin in iwa. Aww so cute, oniki gave him flight. I hate that he pretty much 99% of the time a dbag. Eww he forgave kakashi. Hahaha sakura's mum is a bad ass. Hahah time for Naruto to get his family heirloom back. Holy shit nice upgrade to the raijin. Lulz sasgay got owned. Oh god sakuya already building up his harem. Hope he gets tsunade ahaha. Kyhahah haku is so blunt, that was hilarious. Bwhaha ranged nut cracker. Aww nice sakura, time to kill her uncle. Dang, that seal fucked her up. Isn't she sakura's mum, why would she bring up the hymen thing lulz. Watch tsunami take like three earth clones back to her room xD. Score kisame showed up. I hope Naruto takes samehada, it's my fav sword. There should be more fics were he has samehada Y.Y Lulz kisame got owned by his senseis. Aww his sword is a samehada, now he won't want samehada y.Y Hhahaa he took out kisame and gato and his army in one move, bad ass. Yay he took samehada, so cute, samehada was all sad and shit lulz. Poor tsunami she got no Naru naru time, earth clones will have to do. Dun dun dun, kushi alive? Must find out. Awww dang next chapter is flashbacks Y.Y I already threw in my harem candidate. Tsu-chan all the way. Awesome first chapter, hope you update some more. On to chapter twoooooooooo...
6/25/2013 c2 UnsanMusho
I AM GONNA READ ALL OF YOUR FICS! IT HAS BEEN A WHILE SINCE I FOUND A FIC THAT MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD XD! Anyways I'm wondering where Sakura, Hinata, Tenten and Ino were during the chase? Oh well, I'll be looking forward to seeing more fics made by you.
6/25/2013 c2 46Animaman
Good work, although you might want to find a beta to go over your grammar errors. By the way, you forgot to throw in Sakura's flashback, plus I'm surprised you didn't have Naruto's horny hunters grow by having Sakura, Ino, Hinata, even Hanabi and Ayame join in at the end. I noticed you threw in some Dragonball references during the fight, basically with the weights, yet nothing much, although what's next, the Kamahameha Wave?
6/25/2013 c1 UnsanMusho
THIS FIC IS AWESOME! THERE'S JUST SO MANY THINGS I LOVE ABOUT THIS FIC! First of I love how even though you brought in characters from Samurai-X you didn't make them overstay their welcome so to speak so I give you props for that. Next came the bashing you were just full of surprises like when Ino was part of Sasukes group even though you didn't say that she was gonna get bashed (although I hope that she joins in to), Then came the actaul bashing of Kina, Sasgay and the civilian council which I LOVED! Then there was the BIG shock of Sakura's Mom actually wanting Naruto before her daughter (I hope that Sakura is actually part of the harem and not some plot to get back on Naruto). I also love the fact that Naruto is a Kenjutsu master cause I don't see many GOOD fic of Naruto being like that (Although I'm worried that Naruto is getting too many weapons to be showed). Now all you need to do is add Tenten to the harem and I'm set XD
6/25/2013 c1 4Lightrazer
I know I'm knitpicking at this issue again but it just really annoys me. You had the measurements for the swords really off at the beginning of this chapter. 15 ft is the height of a bedroom and is kind of hard to imagine for the size of a sword. I do not know of you meant 150 cm which is about the size of a 10 year old but it just a tiny change that helps with visualization. I also think that people are changing their opinions of naruto way too soon. Kakashi tried to kill naruto, yet he is apparently remorseful of it and naruto forgives. You need more time for reconciliation like that
6/25/2013 c2
Omg I loved it and I think he is going to be creating lots of clones
6/25/2013 c2 Argorok
Excellent chapter, please update again soon. Make sure to have a lemon with Kushina and Naruko.
6/25/2013 c2 7The DarkEnd Dragon
Dear Azure
I have two challenges for you, i had this ideas for a long time, but i couldn't write it because i write short chapters
First one
Naruto Child of Bijuu
Naruto is not the Kyuubi containers the bijuus are all free
Naruto is the adopted child of all 9 bijuus
Naruto can summon the 9 bijuus with a roar,
Naruto can use each affinity to each bijuu because they bestowed a bit of their power to him
Each of the Bijuu has a summoning contract, the monkeys for Sonbi for example Sarutobi has it and they will obey Naruto over Sarutobi.
Whatever else is up to you

Challenge two
Naruto: Revenge of the Fallen
They was a Prophecy spoken before the Sage of Six Paths died, he has spoken that:

When the Hero begins to fall.
The Sky shall begin to bawl.
The Heroes Anger shall be felt by all.
The Elements shall answer his call.
The Sky shall turn red.
You shall all wish you were dead.
The Earth shall shake from the Hero's rage.
The Beasts shall be released from their cage.
The Water will obey it's new master.
The World is in for a major disaster.
The Sky shall send down the Heavens Wrath
The World shall become One Big Blood Bath
Fire shall reign down upon the sinners.
The Demons shall have you all for dinner.
Chaos and Destruction shall flap its wings.
With it begins the rise of the Demon King.

Eventually the
Naruto Died at the Valley of The End and is reborn as the first devil a Devil of Hate and Is called the The Devil He has all the Sins and Has the Lost Sin that is forgotten about The Eighth Sin, The Sin of Betrayal. Years later in Hell he gets bored and goes back to the Human world and only 3 years have passed later, and hes back for revenge, to kill all who hurt him, back for all that forgotten about the 'Demon Child' well they got what they wanted, He shall bring hell back to Konoha It is Time for The Revenge of the Fallen
Look Towards The Sky
Darkend Dragon
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