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for Harry Hibiki and the Philosopher's Stone

12/5/2020 c8 37Kithrin
how did a water magnet curse NOT activate in the middle of a lake?
10/16/2020 c20 bkerrmom1
Happy for the update! I'm stuck at home with covid19 and feel like I was hit by a truck! I am thrilled to have something to read that is one of my favorite stories! I really love the way you write this crossover and truly wish there were more of this type! Stay safe!
10/6/2020 c20 1DragonsBC
Cute story. It’s nice to see a “hero/villain” raises Harry story without the extreme abuse it usually takes to get him involved with the new parents. Please keep up the good work.
9/29/2020 c2 carneyjarred
You know tonks can be ryoga's second wife I mean he is a wolf like remus only not old enough to be her father.
9/28/2020 c20 Phoenix
This is really good thanks for writing the story
9/27/2020 c20 6Princess Asuna
this was a very fun update and i look forward to more!
8/31/2020 c20 carneyjarred
I am surprised no one pointed out for Voldemort's bullshit that if he truly believed in pureblood supremacy why did he not capture the females of those that stood in his way as breeding stock instead of killing them. And this was just a thought why not during the holidays of fifth year when the Bellatrix breaks out she tries to kill harry at jusynkyo where she is deaged by a cursed spring that affects her mind making her innocent again in both forms an is paired with tatawani kumo.
8/30/2020 c20 Lukkai
The good thing about there being so much work that you have to work extra hours is a certain amount of job security I guess. Though when it's due to a huge turnover rate, that may not necessarily be hte case. On the other hand, it also usually means extra pay or holidays to make up for it, though I've got no idea how the laws are about that in the US.

Very nice read, this chapter. And I'm both patient, yet eagerly awaiting updates on your stories. They're always a pleasure.
8/30/2020 c3 4Greyff
Inuyasha? He's going to turn into Kirara?
Don't tell me that Hermione is going to name him Crookshanks. (shudder)
8/30/2020 c2 Greyff
i think having Harry's cursed form as a cerebus or other magically resistant creature would be most interesting.
8/30/2020 c16 Derpeon
Wait, I'm dumb, he was 2nd year in Harry's first year and repeated a year in Harry's seventh year
8/30/2020 c15 Derpeon
Oh never mind, McLaggen repeated his final year
8/30/2020 c15 Derpeon
A little bit of continuity in chapter 15, I remember McLaggen joining the Slug Club in book 6 which wouldn't make sense if he was a third year in Harry's first year
8/30/2020 c12 carneyjarred
Ojuosama Karachi ohohoho.
8/29/2020 c18 Difdi
Given how they keep talking about laws regarding familiars, is it really illegal for a witch to keep her familiar with her when she travels, so long as she doesn’t violate the Statute of Secrecy? Or are they just assuming that laws against exotic animal smuggling would supersede laws protecting familiars, instead of the other way around?
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