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for The Seduction of Harry Potter

1/7 c35 1mayawene
Thank you for this chapter
10/4/2021 c34 6SoraMalfoySlythern
Lucius and harry are too cute glad to hear more of this story! I been busy my self adulting sucks somes times.
10/1/2021 c34 1mayawene
thank you !
9/30/2021 c34 mizzrazz72
Ron had to grow up to move on.
9/30/2021 c34 LeightonWD
Congratulations on your promotion and your shop! Thank you for the update it was well worth the wait!
9/30/2021 c34 6lilly-flower15
Great chapter update soon
9/30/2021 c34 1Miyu Kokomi
Yes, yes, yes. I like
9/29/2021 c34 autumngold
Thank you for your incredible new chapter! Thank you for having Ron grow up and stop blaming others for the problems in his life. Hopefully he will grow up enough to become Harry and Hermione's friend. I am glad that your work is going so well! Fabulous update!
9/29/2021 c34 xXxOtAkU-444xXx
I really like it
9/29/2021 c34 23Rori Potter
Oh wow. Update soon.
9/29/2021 c34 Clyv Ychelle
Glad that you are back and doing good. Stay safe and take care. Will wait for new updates.
9/11/2021 c1 llpi
I like this story very much and would love to see an update. Thank you very much for the time and effort you put into your writing.
8/10/2021 c1 Guest
Eu realmente adoro essa historia, espero sinceramente que vocĂȘ continue desenvolvendo ela.
5/23/2021 c33 Winterfall2021
Update soon please
11/15/2020 c33 autumngold
Thank you for your excellent new chapter! I'm glad that Harry and Lucius' outing went so well. Hopefully it will be the first of many. Marvelous update!
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