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for Forever and for Always

4/2/2015 c8 1AceBaby'12
aww I like this story
6/9/2014 c9 AceBaby'12
awww loving it so far
7/15/2013 c8 13DaenyClarke'09
Ooooooh Greece! Awesome! I can't wait to read more of this story! :D
5/16/2013 c1 25Boris Yeltsin
Hope you write more Hannah Montana fanfiction.
5/14/2013 c6 13DaenyClarke'09
this was a good story i loved reading about it :D There's not many wedding stories out there but i loved reading this :D
5/12/2013 c5 Torigagged
I think Lily should be tied to the bed then Miley gets in a 69 so
they can eat each then gags Lily with a long sock
so she can penetrate her with a strap on.

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