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12/7/2018 c23 ukdramafan
Wow, I didn't see that coming! So glad that it happened this way, as I couldn't imagine why Jack would have gone to see Ianto in London, if he didn't want him to remember. Then I wondered if he somehow knew about Ianto's diary, but this way was better.
(I discovered this story over at AO3, but it isn't complete over there). Now looking forward to reading the next two installments.
11/7/2018 c23 SuziH-J
Glad that Ianto let Jack know about Lisa. But it’s truly awful what Suzie & Owen have done. Good to know that Jack was not the one who gave him retcon (I was a bit worried about that). I’m puzzled as to what Suzie has over Owen, that he does her bidding. I’ve read the Ianto part of this ‘verse a couple of times, but for some reason never read this part nor Lisa’s part before. I’m looking forward to getting some answers in the next part.
6/28/2018 c1 10BarbT
LOVE this chapter!
4/24/2015 c18 R2019
A psychologist is not good enough they made him sob for 3 hours and all jack is doing is making them leave the hub not apologies nothing after everything Ianto went through with his abuse with his father and canary warf I would think he would at least suspend them for hate crimes because that is what they were doing.
2/23/2014 c12 Guest
it is good
1/8/2014 c23 58Lady Emma Wentworth
Oh thank God it wasn't Jack that Retconned Ianto! Thank you so much - Now I understand how sad Jack was in Ianto Wakes when he walked away from Ianto's flat.
1/8/2014 c17 Lady Emma Wentworth
Oooo! I love the way you've deepened the mystery! Excellent intrigue!
1/8/2014 c16 Lady Emma Wentworth
You know, I could just reach right through this screen and slap the shite out of j#Jack for letting his silly pride take first place over his heart! Stubborn twit!
1/8/2014 c12 Lady Emma Wentworth
"Well," Ianto huffed. "That didn't feel nearly as degrading as I expected it to,"...

Wwaaa haa haa haaa!

I laughed so hard I choked! That line, coupled with the visual of Jack standing there red as a beet with his Willie hanging out, just about put me on the ground! Even though I LOVE this story (I'm reading it straight through) this has to be the absolute best, most brilliant line I've ever read! It's just so perfect!
10/13/2013 c23 black59
argh! Owen betrayed Jack? I thought he understood. For Suzie, I'm not surprised.
OKAY! Owen is afraid of Suzie, he warned Jack and tries to make slow Suzie.
The end is admirable of suspense! and feelings. bravo!
10/13/2013 c22 black59
the turn that takes your story is very interesting. I love the interactions between team. The arrival of Ianto in this team will bring a lot of change, even if he goes away. I understand better the end of Ianto wakes up if the team cohesion has been improved by the event Lisa.
10/13/2013 c16 black59
whaou. What a night!
10/13/2013 c14 black59
pauvre Jack and pauvre Ianto.
10/13/2013 c11 black59
Jack is more open than usual!
10/13/2013 c10 black59
I love the additional explanations compared to the newspaper Ianto more succinct!
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