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for The Return of the Ring.. god help us

6/13/2005 c1 4SadistiKitteh
dear god! with all that fainting it was kinda hard to laugh...i guess im too bored...
11/3/2004 c1 Lu
Fangirls, Mary Sues, slash, and songfics! Oh the horror!

This is the funniest bad-lotr-fanfic-parody I've read yet! I was laughing through the entire thing. Its even better than the Belrog dude's diary.

Great story!
4/6/2004 c1 brokeassproduc
really funny. the beginning was hilarious.,
3/29/2004 c1 12Varda's Servant
i LOVE this, its just great. perfect. excellent. i totally agree! there is way too much crap out there disguised as writing. there are still great pieces, but why is there so much damn slash? anyways, loved this. great work.
12/3/2003 c1 CryKat
*snickerfit* I love you. =D
11/10/2003 c1 Tortie-chu
Yeah, I'm getting a bit tired of folks arbitrarily deciding to make so and so gay and so they can do this and that with whoever. Still, I'm not angry about it. Normally I enjoy it. If people don't practice writing then they don't get better. We just have to live with the results of their magikal writing journies. Take a break form the insanity sometimes, run around, go shopping, take a walk, whatever. Then you'll be ready to jump back in.
10/9/2003 c1 2Lelattha
Okay, I said I would review the stories that involved fanfiction I read, so here I am. This story is hilarious. I loved the Mary-Sue, and the ridiculous Aragorn/Legolas. I write slash, but I hope it isn't as bad as you claim! And I'm certainly not offended by the comments directed toward slash. They are so funny! You are the greatest.
9/14/2003 c1 66Rhadeya
OMG! That was just brilliant! I too have gotten fed up with crapy LOTR fics, especially badly done slash ones. I loved how you wove each idea together into a fine "tribute" fic ;-)

There are a few tiny spelling mistakes but overall I really enjoyed this and had to comment :)

*scuttles off to make sure her hetro lotr fic doesn't have a mary sue hiding somewhere LOL*
1/22/2003 c1 4Mujamo
That was great. I like LOTR slash, too, but I have to agree that some are pretty dumb. PWP gets old. This was pretty funny. I liked when Frodo hands Legolas the ring and they're like, had it all along? Ah, the pure evilness of it. Wonderful. ^_^
8/28/2002 c1 23The Jack of Spades
Hehehe, among other lines: "But alas, I am torn between Mary and the self inserted author who wants to do the rumba with me- so I must angst for a good fifty pages." LOL! And "cover your ears, it's a songfic!" *laughs* Graaaa, I don't even like songfics all that much...

Wh00t! The world NEEDS more LotR parodies to mock the crap that chokes this site. Gee, if Xing needs more room for this place, maybe he can ban low-grade fanfiction, huh? Anywhoozle, good stuff, and don't hesitate to write more if you're inspired ^_-
8/22/2002 c1 Lynne2
That was absolutely laugh out loud funny! A brilliant parody! I only review fics I like (I'm overly polite that way, I can't flame people's creativity) - if the story hasn't pulled me in the first paragraph, I'm not reading it.

As for slash, I have found some really good writers (read AC's "Folly of Starlight" series, for example - smart, sexy, romantic and... *wait for it* IN CHARACTER.) I can't say I read a lot of RPS slash but frankly, most of the writers simply are using their imaginations based off the fact that the actors (coughcough*Viggo*coughcough) basically insinuated that naughty things WERE going on at the set. I mean c'mon, when a reporter asks Viggo what REALLY happened in the trailer he, Orlando and Sean shared because some "odd" rumours were going around and Viggo just grins evilly and says (and I quote) "We used to lock the door a lot." C'mon luv, that's just fuel for the imagination! :D

BTW - I've read your work in several fandoms and laughed every time. Keep it up!
8/22/2002 c1 rubberband
Fanfiction does seem to be filled with Mary Sues and slashers at the moment doesn't it? I don't mind slash that's meaningful, makes sense and fits with the books, but the Mary Sues are terrible. Thanks for writing what we all think. Good to know that not everyone has fallen.
8/22/2002 c1 Waylon Smithers
This really needed to be said! Why be ashamed of this? Everything you said in your intro was absolutely correct. Never have I seen such total trash at as I have in the LOTR category. It's truly pathetic. Most have never read the books, barely watched the movie, and either want to slash to characters, write reams of silly fic, or place themselves in insipid and convoluted Mary Sue's to get in the pants of a certain character (*cough cough* Legolas *cough cough*).

What's really upsetting about this category in particular is the shameless pandering for reviews. "R & R Please!" Or "I'll put the next chapter up when I get 20 new reviews!" Is another popular one. Some authors in less popular genres put tons of work into original stories and they're LUCKY if they get 20 reviews. So, for pointing out the horrid nature of so many LOTR fics, I congratulate you. It took guts and I give you a cyber pat on the back.

P.S. That doesn't mean all LOTR fics are bad, of course. But a reader can really lose his/her patience wading through all the garbage to find a decent story.
8/22/2002 c1 9Amarth Obstreperous

An excellent parody, if I do say so myself!

Very funny, and it ended quite well! :)
8/22/2002 c1 1LasseLanta01
Please don't be so hard on yourself, I'm absolutely positive many of us have felt the same. You've just had the courage to write a very amusing piece about what we all know. Don't let the flamers (not sure I spelled that right) get to you, just consider that you hit them where they live. (winks)

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