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5/26/2020 c1 2Merlin4725
Why arent the spells MerlĂ­n like? Why are they un spanish?
1/21/2017 c8 Shine
What if, when Morgana finally returned, she told Uther that Merlin had poisoned her?
3/3/2016 c8 10Bibliophilic12
I really like the way that you have written these, especially the Diamond of the Day chapters. I would love to see either the Round Table finding out about Freya somewhere before Lancelot's death, what would have happened if Merlin had managed to heal Freya (accidentally getting rid of her curse at the same time) and hide her in Camelot as Gaius' new assistant and maybe later Gwen's maid, or Arthur realizing that Balinor was Merlin's father before he dies.
11/26/2015 c8 CreativeWing
Hey, okay so loved all your one shots but the last one sparked an idea. I don't know if you already thought of this but you know how Morgana sorta made Lancelot come back to life and made Arthur feel betrayed through Gwen, well she should do Merlin. That would have an even bigger effect on Arthur. But maybe add some crazy twist. Beginning, Middle, and Twist. That's my favorite saying (off of the movie Goosebumps with Jack Black). Thanks!
2/8/2014 c8 5ihuntwithwinchesters
excuse me! where is part two! i need it!
12/18/2013 c8 emenemdj
Yo! Update this soon! It's been 3 months! ;) (Did I mention I think you're cute, even if way too snarky! lol. Love the mama...)
10/6/2013 c8 Guest
10/1/2013 c8 Guest
update soon! can't wait for more!
9/16/2013 c8 12SioraiDragon
Tears have started to form...
Beautiful! It was well done my friend! Can't wait for more!
Dragon Out!
9/16/2013 c8 12xox-hatmadder24
Damn you! Bloody cliffy. UPDATE SOONER! And use one of my Many Ideas soon :( I hoped u had a nice day! (I did - NOT. Stupid Secondary school.)
9/16/2013 c8 Guest
Well, I liked it ;)
9/16/2013 c8 Guest
Aww nooo... Merlin... Arthur... *Crying*
9/16/2013 c8 mersan123
Yes I enjoyed this but - too sad! (Hate to see Merlin die). Hoping for maybe a happier outcome in chapter 2?
9/15/2013 c8 TurtleThompson
M'kay I read few small merlin fanfics but is Arthur gay?
9/6/2013 c7 1Sahba
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