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for Vivat Regina : Outtakes

3/10/2014 c3 Raven J. Haile
This was brilliant, much like the others. Although I am sad there is not more to the story, it would have been exciting to see how Hermione changed the world. I am very much pleased by the outtakes though, much fun. :3
2/19/2014 c3 2shadewatcher
Bwaahahahaa! Oh that was a good one. Hee hee, guess Severus finally got the last laugh on James and Sirius. XD Nice one Severus. _

LOVE LOVE LOVE these stories. Very good indeed. :D
2/19/2014 c2 shadewatcher
Bwahahahahahhaaaa! XD OMG Bwaahhahaa! Poor Harry is now traumatized. XD lol I soo love Luna, all in fair play. XD LOL
2/19/2014 c1 shadewatcher
Dawwww! _
2/7/2014 c3 2see-TLAH-lee92
you should write more salazar/hermione i love them
1/6/2014 c2 Sono Chieri2
Oh Luna...
12/20/2013 c3 2GeorgeTobor
This series is great.
But you're lacking a conclusion.
Please write and outtake looking back on the reign of Hermione.
The Changes she made, Challenges she faced.
And if she was assassinated or had one of her children assume the crown after her.

I faved the first in the series, it means I liked them all.
10/5/2013 c3 3darkpearlwarrior
Ello, just thought you should know that the broom incident where Harry and Ron stopped talking to Hermione because she told a teacher was in their third year not second.
7/9/2013 c3 Tay.Potter
This way a great story too. I like the last update about them in the after life.
6/8/2013 c3 2musme
I like it
thanks for this outtakes
5/31/2013 c3 16Sugar0o
i never got the updates for these *sad face* this was interesting
5/22/2013 c3 10Lyane de Rivesen
I had read all the Vivat Regina Series and I wanted to tell you it is one of the best storyline I ever read in fanfiction (and I was only around for 7 to 8 years of daily readings). I am French and at a time, I had even wanted to ask you permission to translate all of this. Sadly, I realised that I am not yet fluent enough to make a good work and it is worth more than a approximative translation. Thank you very much for this, for your writings. All the ideas are good and I will not write about any "intimate material". I am half in love/lust with Salazar Slytherin because of you.
Again, thank you very much and I hope to read you soon for another story (I think you have something about Loki. Loki is an interesting character). :D
5/19/2013 c3 Zeehana
Love the way you write and your story plot...everything seems to be considered in story ...love it ...continue writing...and more stories..all are great
5/14/2013 c3 erin.bail.7
More more please more
Love it
5/13/2013 c3 2Mistra Rose
Chapter one- Loved it!

Chapter two- Couldn't stop laughing at Harry's reaction at the table.

Chapter three- Loved that Lily got a wake up call and a difference of opion then just her friends.
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