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7/2/2019 c15 Nillihc8129
Love the story and i'm not the only one! Can't wait for more.
5/13/2018 c15 Sndwitch
I can't wait for this to continue
10/30/2016 c15 MW
Plz continue i can't wait to know what happens next
7/14/2016 c4 Guest
1/12/2014 c15 Guest
This story is impressive. I look forward to chapter it up and do not let us down by giving up
1/12/2014 c15 Guest
8/20/2013 c15 Green Cuppa
I have to say, based on the story's summary, I was quite curious and also surprised how little reviews you've received, thus far.

I was always a fan of the "Gohan goes beyond a path of studying" route. Heck, some stories have them where he juggles both, but that's not the point.

All this saiyan amusement from Vegeta about the hell of puberty Gohan will be going through for *double* the hormones, I can't help but wonder if Gohan will be getting a girl down the road - and if so, if it will be Videl.

Call me predictable, but then again, I was always a fan of that pairing.

Great story so far, though. I love it! I look forward to more behind this story and the amusements of what poor Gohan is going through for the next year and onward. XD
8/20/2013 c15 Guest
Come on! Pair gohan with a girl.
8/20/2013 c15 Deflow
Tease! That was a short chapter. But still love the story
8/19/2013 c15 Gogglegirl
Oh crud! Who's gonna threaten Earth NOW?
Awesome that Vegeta's gonna get his tail back. I just hope things don't go too crazy...
8/13/2013 c14 saiyan
Perhap the purpose of mastering super saiyan 3 is to obtain absolute perfect ki control. Not to gain more power, but to gain better control of the their powers and even have a way easy time controlling the already more powerful, but less energy consumption form, super saiyan 4
8/13/2013 c14 super saiyan 4
You know what. Many people assume super saiyan 4 is 10 times more powerful than super saiyan 3. But that is simply to high and ridiculous, I beilive super saiyan 4 form is 10 times more powerful than the super saiyan 2 tranformation because of the pattern, you see the great ape form make the saiyan 10 times more powerful, super saiyan 2 form makes a saiyan 100 times, and i beilive the super saiyan 4 and golden great ape form make the saiyan a 1000 times more powerful. In my opinion, the super saiyan 3 form is just a highy advanced branch of super saiyan, with it's immense ki consumption being a weakness, the form was stated utilize 100% utilization of physical stamina. The purpose of SS3 is is to increase the utilization of ki, which is the reason for the high energy consumption. But anyway super saiyan 4 is 20 times stronger than super saiyan form, 10 times stronger than super saiyan 2 form, and 2.5 times more powerful than the super saiyan 3 form. So in a way i beilive the SS4 form is the true form after super saiyan 2. While super saiyan 3 is just a highly advanced branch form of super saiyan 2. What do you think of my ideas? Do you agree with me about super saiyan 4?
8/12/2013 c14 1The Archsage
Ah, I think I see what your doing here. Pretty ingenious, but a bit difficult to explain, if what your doing and what I'm thinking are the same thing. Basically, what I think your doing, is your making Super Saiyan 4 just the normal form of a Saiyan who has achieved perfect clarity in his, or her, Oozaru state. Let me know if I'm wrong.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
8/3/2013 c13 sfh
Have gohan be paired with this story
7/29/2013 c13 saiyan expert
There always seem to be someone that want to mess with the z warriors. When will gohan master super saiyan 3, he should be able to fully master it before goku, since he have a tail to help with ki control. Do you know that despite super saiyan 4 being way stronger than SS3, SS4 is superior because does not reqiure much energy consumption, while SS3 put more of a heavy strain on the user, so if gohan master super saiyan 3 form, then he should have no problem mastering SS4, a form that both provides more power and better ki control. Some of the reasons SS4 does require as much enegy consumption is because of the the saiyan's tail and because ss4 is a fusion of the super saiyan form and great ape form, the extra muscle mass and height would also helps regulate ki.
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