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for Teddy Bears

5/14/2013 c1 Guest
I "cri evry tim," I swear.

Love you 5 EVA.
5/15/2013 c2 14I'veMadeItMyOTP
Aww... Made me happy!
5/14/2013 c2 11Luna Lerman Jackson
Isn't that song, I miss you by Miley Cyrus? HAHA, cuteeeeeeeeee. BUT SO SAD!
5/14/2013 c1 Luna Lerman Jackson
gimme pizzaaaaaa! 3
5/14/2013 c1 TheHandsomeManJedi
You won't believe that three men can twist into this many different positions, just trying to move a few boxes.
5/11/2013 c1 Guest
Absolutely beautiful! So sad...but gorgeous! Congratulations!
5/10/2013 c1 Next Best Writer
What, Why. Good god. Epic plot twist. I'm crying. I would have hated myself forever if I had done that-that story had a moral to it...never decline a bear from your beloved.
5/10/2013 c1 14I'veMadeItMyOTP
THE TITLE IS SO MISLEADING! Why? Why? WHY?! I cried the whole time! Hermione better not move on... Or I'll jump in this story and kill her. That way she'll be forced to be with Ron... I'm so violent... Hehe :)
5/10/2013 c1 2urgaburg
whoa she tore it off
-whoa whoa cool it man-
anyway, good story Syanna c:
made me feel bad
and you already got my straightforward review in chat

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