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2/22/2018 c1 210NeonZangetsu

A cock Tsukune? THANK THE GODS! I'm so sick of his wimpy behavior that this feels like a breath of fresh air! I'll be watching this closely!

Warm regards,

12/27/2017 c9 Guest
Your story is okay... But it needs alot of Improvements.

1: there is too many cliches that we always see in Naruto and pokemon Fanfics where the Author insert themselves into the main characters

2: Harems are not necessary. The Manga deconstructed Harems.

3: Major OOC Moments for No valid or creative Reasons.

4: Bad Lemons...The Main chracters treats the Woman like a Piece of meat while they have sex... The Lemon scenes themselves are not relatable at all
9/25/2016 c9 chris
keep up the great work up i would like to see a few more chapters
3/21/2016 c9 33Imperial-samaB
This is interesting let's see what ya got
1/12/2016 c9 Guest
You should report Argos29 for constantly deleting reviews that hold constructive cristism of guests and calling us retarded trolls.
12/7/2014 c9 Guest
Finish what you started
11/24/2014 c9 yes
11/23/2014 c9 Guest
One on One Lemon Scenes are better than Threesomes because they are more Focused..

Personally i Think you need to redo this Fanfic due toit being so outdated and old this story needs a imoroved Plot. Why make a Dragonball Z Crossover of it. Taking place hundreds of Years after battle of the Gods(Gt is not Canon).

Tsukune is The Desdandant of Goten.

A Orphan Who Fought daily to survive. He was then taken in by a Martial Arts Master that saw potential in the boy. The Master Was acually a Demon in Human Form. Hint He is a Former or Current Demon lord that Goku fought in the past
11/19/2014 c9 cerberus328
awesome update but I thought the relationship with the girls were a bit fast
11/19/2014 c9 ethan.lukkar
Magnificent chapter can't wait for more please update soon.
11/19/2014 c9 Guest
I Belive a rewrite is due.

Maybe have Tsukune a Dessdanant of a Goku

Main Ability is Zenkai and also he get stronger amd skilled after each battle.
11/19/2014 c9 Guest
That was a Horrible Lemon Scene. And chapter seemed Half baked.
11/19/2014 c9 4Nintendoes Gamer
Nice to see you got over your writers block. Great chapter
11/18/2014 c9 1SaiyanIncubus
The lemon could use more length, detail, and spread out between time but the story still just as good. If your looking for inspiration then I would suggest getting Netflix and watching the anime's Hunter X Hunter, Magi, and Fairy Tail, then read Fairy Tail as a Manga as it is exactly the same unlike most manga's and anime. Also try the manga "The Game", I think it's actually from Korea as it's based there, but it's really cool and filled with ideas.
11/18/2014 c5 darkheart66
the norse dragon of the underworld name is nidhogg (need*hog) and the thing u called an anubite is called an anubis a half man half jakel from egyptian mythology in service to osirus the egyptian death god whose army is made up of anubi i dont think your dumb but dude know your shit if you want i can help u there just ask
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