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for The Woman's Dog-Boy

2/2/2015 c3 1Atom 6611
That was a hoot, man. (y)
7/9/2013 c3 2Arcipello
Cute story! I love Vegeta and Bulma! Actually Vegeta used to be my most hated character, now he's quickly becoming one of my favorites :D
7/8/2013 c3 8Silver Skies - Red Lakes
I love this! Sugar highs r amazing!
6/27/2013 c3 8NinjaWhisper
Odd story, but very amusing. The last chapter was what made it so good
6/18/2013 c3 Kary Bobbins
6/18/2013 c3 8NikkiS71
OMG...I'm pissin' myself! This was so funny!
B reading U!
6/17/2013 c3 1pallyndrome
weird but funny... lol they both think the other is getting tricked. :)
6/17/2013 c3 Deadly8123
Me:-burst out laughing- Lol XD Wow...Sis: I don't get it...Adult lemonade? Lobelia: Your to young...Me:-stop's laughing- TO YOUNG! Sis: Huh? Caleb: -comes over and whisper's it too her- Sis: Oh...BAD VAGETA! BAD!
5/24/2013 c2 Kary Bobbins
"For the tiniest second, Vegeta considered yelling for the blond-haired woman, the one that loved to feed him and who birthed the crazy blue woman in the first place." XD
5/14/2013 c2 Wild Colors
Even if this is all I get since your sugar high wore off, I still like it! It's funny how Bulma treats Vegeta as her test subject.
5/14/2013 c1 6MarronChestnut
Haha funny:/ serious don't judge of my face :/
5/12/2013 c1 134Spoot Poot
I Liked it! I Did! I cracked up! What is that crazy ass woman up too! I wanna know!
5/11/2013 c1 Wild Colors
I LOVED IT! The laughing came as soon as I read: 'Yep, Vegeta knew that loud mouthed woman was nuts the moment he met her. Saying she knew Kakarot since he was a boy and practically raising him was his first clue, only a crazy woman could brag about something like that!'

And I loved: is that really a good enough reason for this woman's cheese to fall of her cracker? That expression is soo funny! I never heard of it before.

Funny story through and through. Another chapter or two would be AWESOME!

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