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6/13/2014 c17 12Dixxy
Aaaaaaaaaaaaah, an update ! I was wondering when i'd hv the pleasure to read on yr fic' ! Happy that it's today ! :)

God knows what Nosidda has planned for Danny. Perhaps what he inhected to him is a product that'll put the Jock under his control (like a zombie) and thus help him to capture Cathy. Now what does he want wz CATHY ? Great question mark there... (i thought Nossida had planned sth against Maria, actually...)

It's strange how Nos keeps taking Dan's chin up, forcing him to look at him. There was sth a bit... yeah, bizarre. It seemed a bit as if N. was... somewhat attracted to D. Or maybe i'm rambling rubbish here...

Another emotional part bw Maria & Chris. Poor Maria ! It's hard for her, all the more since she thinks Chris is not that much interested in her. And this sentence here : "he himself didn't think he would speak to her if it were not for his green eyed companion" is pretty cruel to her. But he still ends up taking her in his arm, so i guess he made some effort towards her.

But Chris is right about this : "it could do you some good to actually talk with people instead always staying alone". It wouldn't harm Maria too much to make the effort open up. Not meaning she has to befriend every single classmate, but at least make 2-3 friends...

No Sam in this one. Guess i'll hv to be patient. ;)

Thanxxxx a bunch for updating !

Take care !

2/24/2014 c16 Dixxy
Well, Maria's loneliness is really sad, oh so sad. I do empathize wz her. But how aching it is to read abt her suffering... I wish she would be better soon, and fit in smoothly.

Her discarding Niya's affection really has sth heartbreaking in it. And so has her departing from Sam & Chris, as though she was convinced that she didn't belong here. But why wouldn't she ?

On another note, her eyes' colour changes have to be worrying. It really seems... mmmmh... anguishing ? Perhaps so... At least, one has to feel bad behind it.

Nice chapter, although there are (or were) typos. But no biggie, actually.

Oh, and when will ya bring us back on Danny's track ? Still wondering what became of him...

Always nice reading from ya !

Best of inspiration and RYL !

* Léo *
1/6/2014 c15 HipstaQuxxn
It's getting intense! I hope you find more inspiration soon. I hadn't even realized 4 months went by.
1/4/2014 c15 Dixxy
Glad to see ya back at work ! :)

And also to see Maria being the cooperative kind, rather than the rebelious !
Coz her getting angry and violent wz almost everyone around her, be they brats
or friends, started to get old, like in monotonous. Glad that th girl finally got a hold
on herself and got back in (self) control.

Didn't suspect that maria was that much of a geek, using her PC that much. She sure
would get along fine wz Chris, eh eh !

It's nice to see the two collaborating and helping each other in order to locate Dan.
Hopefully they'll manage to find him soon...

And both surprised and sad to hear that Dan's childhood wasn't that much of a
"dream", i.e. that it was a pretty difficult one... :'(

Kudos to ya for this new chappy !

I wish ya update asap... but that's study-related, of course !

Later !
10/1/2013 c14 Dixxy
Jesus effing Christ ! ;)

Maria really can't seem to avoid troublesome situations. The girl's always involved in some relational issue : fighting, yelling, swearing... Just can't seem to fit in, or has great difficulties to befriend. Does this relate to YA as well, by chance ?

The end of the chappy was still touching, and a welcome relief, after those past tense couple of chapters. At last some sweetness / tenderness... Really needed !

Thanxxxx for yr 2 updates in a row ! Hope this goes on these next days ! :DDD

Take good care of ya, Shim' !

9/30/2013 c13 Dixxy
Okay, that was plain scary : a girl with eyes of different colors... suddenly getting mad at a boy, wzout any apparent reason (although we learn why later)... making a light bulb explode (hello
Rae... ;) ... a voice in her head... the boy getting kidnapped... the girl's breathing suddenly very laborious...

That's what one calls... DARK !

But that makes this story all the more twisted... and thus interesting to read ! :)

Just didn't get that one : "Her language was mighty colorful..." o.O

Once again pretty fascinating a chapter ! Dark story... but qualitative story ! )

L8er !

Big L.
8/21/2013 c12 Dixxy
The last 3 chap's hv been hectic like hell. Swarming wz action, fighting, fleeing, yelling... That was so catchy ! (almost wrote "cathy", uh uh... ! ;) I really devoured all of it and loved what i found.

I somehow dreaded would go on spreading over typical teenage worries, like female rivalry & fights, crushes for boys, depression / lack of self-confidence... I know there's a lot from ya in all this, and i sincerely liked reading it, but, ya see, that would hv made it a too depressive story, all things considered.

And i'm sure ya don't wanna write a depressive story for yr fans and hv them depressed as a result, right ?

Anyway, grand bravo for all the latest updates in a row. Yr fic' is definitely growing more and more interestibg, and i'm eager to read the next chap' !

Thumbs up again... and take care (of ya) !

Hugsssssss !
8/18/2013 c9 Dixxy
Pretty funny chappy here ! Always that amusing relationship bw Chris & Danny... Ah ah, gotta make me smile !

Also, there's a lot of action, movements in this one. I like it.

So they're about to find out bat the MBC's headquarters, eh ? Now THAT sounds interesting, even VERY interesting !

I like where this is going, really ! ;)

Congrat's for this way catchy chappy, which was pretty cool to read !

And glad to see ya go on wz this nice story !

Looking forward to next chapter,

&&& L. &&&
8/17/2013 c9 Techspirited
I think it was nice of you not to have a depressing chapter for once. Hopefully Sam and Cathy will realise the secret of the MBC in the next chapter or two and we could finally have a re-union.

Keep up the good work.
8/16/2013 c9 HipstaQuxxn
7/11/2013 c5 4Sage McGavin
thanks for the Code Lyoko reference it made my day
6/28/2013 c8 53theSardonyx
Hmmm... I'm curious as to why Maria kept acting weird. Also, whose voice was that? And then, how come Sam and Danny get the flashbacks and the headaches, but Chris never said anything about it? I guess I have to wait it out eh?

There were times when I couldn't understand well so I needed to reread the sentence/s over and over. I hope you can make your sentences more definite. Don't be afraid of increasing your sentence count. Run-on sentences are hard to understand and may be interpreted in a different way by certain people. Like me, for example.

Write on! Yuna
6/25/2013 c8 12Dixxy
An interesting mix of violence and sweetness in this chapter.

The fight sequence was impressive.
The mindreading one, interesting.
The Maria-Chris one, touching.
The Sam one, both moving & worrying.

All in all, a much enjoyable chapter. Bravo again, Marisa !

The emotionless side of Maria reminds me of Raven, my fav' Teen Titan.

And i think Maria relates to ya a lot, coz of her emo side and her tense relations wz others. Am i right ?

Kudos for your very interesting work !

Write some more asap ! :)
6/11/2013 c7 Dixxy
So, for honesty's sake, i skimmed through the songs. That's coz i've already been reading quite a fewfic's where there were songs, and i confess never liking those musical breaks. I know why the songs are there : coz the author wanted to put songs he/she likes in the story. Fine, understandable... but i still dislike it ! So...

But the rest was good. I like Danny's passing out, how him and Chris were mixed with each other, and also the moment when Sam got hypnotized upon spotting Chris... *LOL*

But the best came at the end, with that voice in Maria's head, menacing her, and her gripping her chest painfully. That was so dramatic. Loved it.

I'm really wondering what's wz that electricity inside Maria, and who is sharing her body...

I'll be following this cool story.

Thanxxxx 4 the 2 updates in a row !

6/10/2013 c6 Dixxy
Very cool chapter ! Well done, Shim' !

I particularly enjoyed the Sam-Danny moments, especially the one when she
turns around and looks at him and puts
her hand on his arm. I really wish she
falls for him. I'm not a great supporter
of SXD pairing, but this time... yes !

I also enjoyed their awkward moment
together (when there is "..." 3 times in
a row). That was fun.

Oh, and regarding Cathy's accurate
description... you're a fashionista,
aren't ya ? XP

Anyway, very nice chapter here. Hope
that there is more SamXDanny mom's
coming. I love their relationship in
this story.

Bravo, Shim' ! Keep up the cool work ! :D
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